CJ Iwu is a vlogger and college student from Minnesota, but currently attends school at The American University of Nigeria, better known as AUN. He has become incredibly passionate about creating content for his YouTube series, AUNwithCJ. 

The show is a weekly vlog documenting CJ’s experience transitioning to college in Africa after growing up in the United States, content that CJ couldn’t find when he first knew he was going to school in Nigeria. We sat down with the 19-year-old, and he had some great insights to share with us. 

Deciding to Start His YouTube Series

During his senior year of high school, CJ wasn’t sure what life at a Nigerian university would be like. He admits that making the transition from high school in America to college in Africa was intimidating, which was his main motive behind creating AUNwithCJ. He says, “If anyone wants to know what it’s like to go to AUN, or even what it’s like at any West African college from an American perspective, then I’ll be the one to fill them in like I wish I had been.”

Structuring AUNwithCJ Like A TV Series

CJ takes pride in his vlog and treats it like his own TV show. He incorporates trailers, episodes, cinematics, closed captions, and more into the vlog, and even has his team of producers. The pride in CJ’s voice when he talks about the vlog is evident, and he says, “You won’t find another American vlogger talking about West African college, not to mention how I talk about it.”

Persevering Through His New Life In Nigeria

Adapting to college life can be hard on anybody, but doing it halfway around the world makes it particularly difficult. Being able to juggle his classes, a new social setting, and documenting the journey with his vlog felt like a mission impossible at times, but CJ found the motivation to continue working hard. He says, “I persist for the people who were in my shoes back when I was a senior. Who am I to write an unfinished story when who knows how many people may have needed the complete tale?”

Connecting With His Fellow Students 

AUNwithCJ has given CJ a platform to share his story as an American college student in Nigeria, but it’s also given him a great reason to network and connect with his fellow students. He launched a segment of his vlog called “We asked AUN students”, a series dedicated solely to showcasing the thoughts and experiences of AUN students on specific topics. CJ says, “It allows my fellow students to share their experiences similar to how I share mine, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of doing this.”

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