In the present times, when it’s about moving from one place to another, hiring a rental truck is vital to load the things and shift them to the other place. If you are going to hire a rental truck then you need to ensure that you choose the truck as per the size requirement because a huge truck might be expensive and your things might be less. So when it is about choosing the truck, given below are details on how to select the best truck for your move. Though there are several truck rental companies from which you can ask but then you need to understand the one which is perfect for your move.

Truck size as per the recommendation of the rental companies

There are different truck sizes from which you can choose. It varies as per the number of rooms you have and the material you want to choose. If you have an apartment that is one room one then you would need a truck that is around 10-16 ft. Further, if you have a house which is two-room or three-room then you would need a truck which is 12 to 22 ft and 16 to 22 ft respectively. However, for a house which comprises of five rooms and all things are to be shifted then the truck which is 22 to 26 ft would be needed for the same. This is just a fair idea and one cannot say that this is the right size. It is just an estimation and it could further vary on the number of things you have and the number of things you want to shift. Maybe you have a three-bedroom house but then you declutter things so as per it you can choose the truck size accordingly.

Costing of the truck

The cost of the truck varies. It could be $120 to rent a small truck which is for a local move and could go up to $2000 or more to rent a huge truck especially when it is about covering a long distance. Prices are subject to change as per the company you choose plus the time of the year when you are moving. So a little up and down is usually expected at the price of the truck.

How to choose the right truck size

The best way to find the perfect truck which fits your need is by going for the online moving calculator. By using it you can know how much cubic space you would require for the beds, boxes and other things while you are going for the moving process. Further, you should also understand the cubic footage capacity of each truck you are going to choose. Most companies usually tell about the same and if the company you are choosing has not been mentioned then you must ask them for the details.

While you make use of the calculator there are certain things which you should consider for the move. They are:-

  • The number of rooms which are available and you are going to move. How many of them are the ones with mattresses
  • The number of boxes which you have and are going to move.
  • The size of furniture that is done you have compact or huge bulky furniture to move.
  • Further details about the fragile items which are there and the extra space needed for the same.
  • The distance which is to be covered for the move is how far is the final destination from the place where moving is taking place.

Considering all this you can calculate the exact area and complete your move.


Different types of trucks are available

There are basically two kinds of trucks available for the move. One is the box truck and the other is a pick-up truck. One can choose as per the requirement.

  • Box trucks are the common trucks that can be spotted outside apartments for the move. They are expensive from certain other types of trucks but then still they are quite cheap when compared with container type or full-service trucks.
  • Pickup trucks are worthy to choose if you have a few containers or some pieces of furniture to move. They are not fully loaded with your stuff like full-service trucks and would pick your stuff and deliver it to your doorstep. They would be relatively cheap as in this option the cost gets divided.

So choosing the perfect size of truck for your move can be decided by looking into these aspects and understanding further details. With this, you would know what fits in your budget and which is best suited for your things which are to be moved from one place to another.



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