To get longer smoking times, there are three essential habits you need to develop. No two products are the same, so you can expect one tip to work better than another. The advice given here is a lot different than the safety advice for maintaining a battery. But the good news is that making a battery last longer won’t make it less stable. Keep your battery in good condition so that vaping yogurt-flavored e-juice treats don’t end abruptly.

3. Idle Time Is Wasted Time

When a car is in neutral, it is still using gas. The amount of gas it uses is slowed, but the engine is still running. Use that same logic when dealing with a vaporizer. The batteries will drain even when you aren’t taking a hit. There is nothing wrong with taking a few minutes off between puffs, but there is no reason to leave it on in a perpetual idle state. There are some smokers that have taken a single puff and let their vaporizers idle until fully drained!

Invest in vaporizers with intelligent auto shutoffs, or use your own common sense and turn it off when you’re not smoking. It is a minor inconvenience that will go a long way in saving your batteries for better times.

2. Don’t Overcharge!

Immunity is one of the biggest misconceptions about products built with overcharge protection. Just like the previous example, using logic will help your battery. You won’t damage a battery if the vaporizer is decent, but it will definitely be worse off by having to constantly depend on the built-in protection. Instead of banking on the device protection, use it as a backup- like it was intended to be.

This is one of the harder tips to follow, but also one of the most forgiving. A high-quality vaporizer with overcharge protection will minimize long-term battery damage. This includes the potential damage from an outlet malfunctioning. To keep your battery in tip-top shape, you have to pair it with hardware that maximizes its benefits.

1. Don’t Fully Drain It

When you’re using a smartphone, depleting the battery means you have to wait several minutes for it to get enough power to boot. Sometimes, draining the battery will cause software malfunctions that lead to a boot loop. With a vaporizer, that malfunction can go from the software to the hardware. You may notice that the device improperly reports the true battery percentage. In a worst-case scenario, it may even refuse to turn on.

Hardware malfunctioning’s from fully draining the battery are rare, but not unheard of. Try to keep a little bit of a charge in your vaporizer instead of killing it off completely. It’s a small thing to ask and will help out your battery (and device) a lot.

Wrap Up

Now that you got the basics down, enjoy longer vaping times with better battery etiquette. By extending the battery, you are also improving the overall experience. Over time, plenty of money is saved by doing the bare minimum. Once you get used to these tips, pass them on to a friend that likes to vape.

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