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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: There’s no need to add Bucks’ Michael Carter-Williams

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With the NBA season ready to kick off in another two weeks Trade Rumors are still swirling, this time, it’s surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers. Whispers have the Lakers trading away Nick Young and Lou Williams for Milwaukee Bucks PG, Michael Carter-Williams. Let me explain why the Los Angeles Lakers Rumors fans need to forget about this trade.

The Lakers have a PG already. I can understand some of the frustration towards D’Angelo Russell but give the kid time to grow. Why would the Lakers want to do that to a player that called their future? Now, if it was Chris Paul or someone like that I can understand, but to place Williams in either the starter or backup role makes no sense for the Lakers.

I get that Young must go, he’s a liability on the court and in the locker room. He never lived up to the player he was while in Washington and his time is up in Purple & Gold. Williams is a different story. He has provided shooting and leadership, but with Brandon Ingram and Jose Calderon now onboard how much will that cut into his playing time?

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This may have been a great deal two seasons ago but Carter Williams offers nothing the Lakers need at this stage. Russell is by far the better player with a higher ceiling, while Carter-Williams may have a longer reach, he is not the defender, shooter or ball-handler that Russell is. A backup role will suit him fine but the Lakers need a backup that is willing to score. Calderon fits that role nicely.

If the Lakers are wise they will back away from this trade if the rumors are true and continue to build with what they have. There’s no need for the team to start reaching now after what they been through to get where they are hopefully headed. It starts with the core they have. But getting rid of Swaggy P is still a must.


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