Los Angeles Lakers trade pick
Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers hold the number two pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. There has been some talk about them taking the UCLA Point Guard, Lonzo Ball. However, I could see this not happening. The Lakers would be better off trading the pick. Here are four reasons why.

  1. More pressing needs

The Los Angeles Lakers have more pressing needs than making a big splash in the 2017 NBA Draft. They are loaded with young talent. In order for Magic Johnson and the front office to return this team to the glory, they need something more stable. A veteran presence. Young players like D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randell could use a solid veteran to lean on.

  1. The desire to return to prominence

Since taking over the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson has stated he wants to get back to the days of Showtime and The Lake Show. By trading, the number two pick the Lakers could add a veteran or even more picks. This would allow them to bring back the winning ways sooner.

  1. Available veterans

The Los Angeles Lakers could easily take care of the need for a veteran this offseason. There are plenty of big names available. Players like Paul George and Jahlil Okafor could easily make an immediate impact for the Lakers. If Magic wanted to acquire one of these players, he could easily package the number two pick, future picks, and players to acquire such high talent.

  1. The Magic Johnson Way

This is now the Magic Johnson Lakers. The Lakers brought him in to return the team to the glory days of winning. The past couple of years has not been what fans and many around the organization are accustomed to. WINNING! Magic Johnson knows how to win. He did it for 13 seasons as a player and now wants to show he can do it in the front office. Making a move with the number two pick would show fans and front office personnel alike that Magic is serious.

The Los Angeles Lakers have options with the second overall pick. However, trading out of that spot for a veteran or two would be a solid start for a team that is on the radar in two or three years. That radar blip will become a solid sonar wave.



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