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Los Angeles Rams: Creating an offense key to 2017 Draft


March 26, 2017

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The Los Angeles Rams are a team on the rise. They have a young head coach, a young QB, and a strong defense. The Rams need to focus their 2017 NFL Draft on offense. If they are able to begin transforming the offense, they can be a formidable opponent. Here are a few pieces to place in their offense.

Round One – No Pick

The Rams traded the picks to the Tennessee Titans as part of the deal to acquire the 2016 #1 overall pick.

Round Two – Pick 37

Taylor Moton – Guard (Western Michigan) 6’5” 319lbs

Moton is a massive individual. This includes his arm length and big hands. In fact, bull rushers will not bully him. Moton, for the same reason, is a tremendous drive blocker. His addition would have a tremendous impact on an offensive line in need of help. Furthermore, he would bring a renewed focus to a lacking running game for the Los Angeles Rams.

The acquisition of Taylor Moton would come with some work. He lacks in footwork and punch for a guard. Without the proper techniques, he would be limited to being included in power packages only. This may be fine as a rookie. However, if the Rams want to fix their line for the future they will need to address these issues.


Round Three – Pick 69

Chris Godwin – WR (Penn State) 6’1” 209lbs

Godwin is quietly making a name for himself. He has done nothing but help Penn State over the past three years. The Rams hope he could do that for him. The speedy, but big WR would help make Jared Goff happy. Godwin ran the 40-yard dash in 4.4 sec. He would also be a great target in the red zone.

Round Four – Pick 112

Kevin King – CB (Washington) 6’3” 200lbs

King has tremendous size to play the CB position. This allows him to stack up well against bigger WRs. For this reason, he would work well in Wade Phillips defensive system. Similarly, he has tremendous ball skills. He had six career INTs and has only allowed one TD in the last 100+ targets. In addition, his size does not hinder him in the slot either.

The Los Angeles Rams would have to work on King’s feet. They are very slow in press coverage. This allows receivers to be able to shoot right past. His lack of footwork places him in the trail position. He does not have the speed to play catch up if beat.

Round Four – Pick 141

Jalen Reeves-Mabin – LB (Tennessee) 6’0” 230lbs

Reeves-Mabin is a strong downhill player. Therefore, you will always find him around the football. Nevertheless, he rarely over-runs the play. Moreover, he has very good cover skills. As a matter of fact, Reeves-Mabin can run well for a linebacker. This also allows him to be able to stay on the field in passing situations.

The Los Angeles Rams may have to use Jalen Reeves-Mabin in passing situations only. Presently, he lacks some of the size and power to stop runners in their tracks. In fact, If met in the hole he may lose that battle.

He has a marked injury history that could be a concern.

The Los Angeles Rams can make marked improvements with a solid draft. They are still a couple of years away from a return to the playoffs. Consequently, the previous regime left them that way.

Whom do you think the Los Angeles Rams should draft? You can leave your comments below.

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