Wisconsin. The Dairy State.

Home of one of sports most beloved and iconic sports franchises in the Green Bay Packers, The Badger State accounts for almost 70 percent of all dairy products produced and consumed by Americans.

When people think of Wisconsin, cows on dairy farms, Miller Light beer, bratwursts being grilled at Lambeau at Packer games and University of Wisconsin students dancing to “Jump Around” at Badger football games at Camp Randall Stadium quickly spring to mind.

Notable athletes that have played for their beloved sports teams include NBA Hall of Famers Lee Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), Oscar Robinson of the Milwaukee Bucks, Robin Yount of the Milwaukee Brewers, Super Bowl champion quarterbacks and NFL MVP’s Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, and former Wisconsin Badger standouts such as NFL Defensive Player Of The Year and All-Pro, J.J. Watt, 1954 Heisman Trophy winner Alan Ameche and 1998 winner Ron Dayne.

Notable models and entertainers that call The ‘Sconi include Heather Graham, Bob Uecker, Frank Caliendo, Chris Farley, Gene Wilder, Jessica Szohr, Mark Ruffalo and Willem Dafoe.

Perhaps male fashion model, Josh Rusniak will the next to add his name to the list.

Currently a student at Wisconsin and studying business, the 19-year-old 6’1, 185-pound Rusniak hopes to attain his NASM (National Academy Of Sports Medicine) personal trainer certification before his upcoming 20th birthday.

Recently signed with FS Agency out of Toronto, Canada and DAS Miami, Josh’s future in the world of modeling appears to be both promising and a very bright one. A die-hard Wisconsin sports fan, Josh bleeds Badger red on Saturday’s and Packer green and gold on Sundays.

Below is my Man Up! Q and A with Josh as we talk modeling, becoming a personal trainer, some B1G football and which fan base makes his Packer blood boil.

Man Up!

Name: Josh Rusniak

Age: 19

Height: 6’1

Weight: 185

Social Media Links: Instagram: @joshuarusniak | Website: JOSH RUSNIAK by DAS Model Management


How long have you been in modeling? I started in January of 2018 when I signed with my manager, Mike McMullen. The rest is history.

What’s it like to be a male fashion model? It is a very humbling experience. I have to balance, school, work, working out, and being a college sophomore.  It is not easy and I am held to higher standards!

Congrats on signing with DAS Miami and FS Agency, how thrilled are you to be with two reputable modeling agencies? I am very honored to be working with both of them. I have to give credit to my manager who started the process with both of them and put me in the position that I am in.

Without his efforts I would not be where I am today.  I signed with FS Agency from Toronto, Canada where I participated in the Fit Expo in June. I placed very well in the swimsuit and fitness apparel competition and was awarded a contract.

I am moving to Miami in January for the fashion season with DAS. I look forward to working with the best men’s agency in Miami. Steve Wembley is the men’s director and he is the best in the business. i can’t wait to be around the best and learn and grow.

You’re currently studying business and plan on being a NASM trainer, how does that go together with your current male modeling career? It is hand in hand. Modeling is a cut throat business. You have to be better than anyone else. Being in the gym is key as well. I am already working out 7 days a week and I am a health nut so why not get certified and become a personal trainer as well. I can bring added value once I am certified as a trainer in a few months. The goal is to have by my 20th birthday, December 6.

Any of your friends give you grief over being one? Yes, they do when I started out. I just let it go. I have found out who has stuck with me and supporting me. I keep my circle very small.

What fashion tips and trends can you drop for your fellow brothers out there? Be yourself, be open to the trends in the business and be different. But don’t get to much into the trends. But, be ready and in shape. When they call you you must be ready to go. Not on your time it is their time!!

How do you step up your game in dating? That is a great question. Be yourself. Be honest and be different. Be funny and be unique.

Blonde, brunette or redhead? Al the above. I love them all.

Best pick-up line to use on a woman? I have used “I am a model. Wanna see my abs, they are the best “ and the rest is history.

Describe your perfect woman? Wow! Is there such a thing. In all seriousness. They have to have goals, motivated, fitness and want to travel the world. Honest, funny, smart, a great smile, loves fitness, and like my mom!

Thoughts on the growth of modeling on IG? That is a great question.  So many Insta models out there and that gets you no where!! Get with a real manger and a real agency. If you think you can do it yourself you are insane. Insta models get no where.  Get serious and get with a real agency.

IG has changed everything. Posting and tagging daily are key. It has changed the modeling world. Get up with the times and post/tag daily. You can be found by the right post or tag and your career can take off.

So..word on the street is that you’re a Sconie? Since you’re a Badger, who do you HATE more, Ohio State, Michigan or Minnesota? I bleed Bagder Red. I despise them all. I don’t hate just despise. Big Ten football is some of the best in the country.

Badger G.O.A.T. J.J. Watt or Melvin Gordon? That is a hard one, but JJ Watt is such a class act on and off the field.

Lambeau Leap or Jump Around? Lambeau Leap

Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers, who is the Packers all-time QB GOAT? Brett Favre! Hands down!

As a Packers fan, which fan base is more annoying, Minnesota or Chicago? Both they are just whining and bitchy.

Who do you HATE more, Vikings or Bears?  Both I highly despise, not hate. Green Bay has the history and results matter!

Any tips or advice you have for those looking to get into modeling? That is a great question. You must want it and not be an IG model Get with a good management and good agencies. This is a business and hire the right people! Get someone who is going to communicate with you daily. My manager and I talk several times a day.

Get someone who is going to push you but has your back. Trust only a handful if that. If an agency says they have paid work all the time, run like hell. You must pay your dues. If you want anything of value in life you must work your ass off and then some.

Nothing will be handed to you! Get your ass in shape and get in the gym 7 days a week. No excuses and be willing to make sacrifices to make it.  Post and tag daily on IG and social media. How bad  do you want it? Be willing to invest in yourself and spend money on yourself to be seen.

Special thanks to Josh Rusniak and his manager Mike McMullen from Global Systems 1 Inc. for their time and assistance during the Man Up! interview.

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