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Manly Activities That Make A Woman Extra Attractive

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By Sonya Schwartz

It’s a common misconception that all women simply love to shop as their main hobby. Of course, shopping may be something a woman does but very rarely is it the only activity she enjoys. In fact, many women love to do activities that men are mostly known for participating in, which is quite attractive to some guys. If you’re one that loves to see a lady doing a “manly” activity, you’re not alone! Some of the most popular types of these activities include:

1. Golf: Women who know how to play golf rather than just hit the ball in mini-golf is a major turn on for many men. While the reason this is attractive is different for every man, many say it’s because it proves she can focus, relax, and enjoy spending time doing just one activity.

2. Football: Whether playing for Thanksgiving with family or on the weekend with friends, a lot of men love it when women get involved in football. This shows they can be rough and tough while still having some fun playing around. If she can score a few points or take a hit, this is often even more attractive for the guys who are around.

3. Fishing: Women who embrace nature, enjoy spending countless hours trying to make just one catch, and don’t mind getting dirty can be seen as attractive to men who love doing the same thing. Women who can do things such as bait a hook, cast, and can talk about the different types of spinning rods and reels can attract a man’s attention even more.

4. Punching, Sparring, and Grappling: When most people think of going to a Judo or martial arts class, they anticipate most of the students being men. While this was the case in the past, many more women have become involved in this type of activity. This is a turn on for many men who love a woman who is tough, can defend herself, and doesn’t mind a few cracked knuckles to strengthen her body. If you like a woman who is interested in this, you can spark up a conversation about different types of punching bags, with some of the best located here.

5. Soccer: It’s no secret that women have become more involved in soccer (especially in recent years), but it’s still a sport that’s dominated by men. Perhaps this is why many guys love when they see a girl jump into a soccer game and dominate. Whether she makes a goal, gets the ball past an opponent, or enjoys running around the field, this can catch the eye of any man nearby.

6. Weight Lifting: Many men love when they see a confident woman walk into the gym (past a crowd of mostly men), put her headphones in, and lift weights that other men are still working toward. The reason this is attractive is different for every man, with some loving the strength aspect and others loving the fact that she can lift as much as or even more than him. Women don’t only hit the gym to hang out on the treadmill, so if you see a girl, you like in the weight area, strike up a conversation when the time is right.

7. Mechanical Work: For some guys, nothing is more attractive than women who can open up the hood of a car, take a look at the engine, and determine what need to be fixed. Can she get under the vehicle and begin doing repairs? This is even more attractive for guys who share the same passion for doing mechanical work.

8. Camping: One outdoor activity that a lot of men love to do is camp, as it allows them to get in touch with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although women might be known for liking to “glamp,” which essentially means camping in a cabin with electricity and running water, that’s not the case for all. Many females enjoy the rough and tough of real-life camping where they climb mountains, cross streams, and use the resources around them to survive. There are a lot of men who like this type of woman, perhaps because it proves she’s not high maintenance and can rough it in nature.

9. Hunting: There are men who are particularly attracted to women who enjoy hunting as well as the process that surrounds it. When she can find a good hunting spot, safely shoot a gun, and strategically get around the woods, this can add to her appeal.

10. Building or Repairing Things Around the House: When a woman can build a coffee table, fix a broken cabinet, or do small repairs around the house, a lot of men love it. Not only do they find this attractive because of her willingness to get her hands dirty but also because of her smarts. If you meet a woman who loves building or fixing things, you can easily start a conversation with her about something as simple as drills. Visit this site to learn more about the best drills you might want to bring up.

Why Do Women Enjoy Manly Activities? As time goes on and society changes, many women are learning that they don’t have to stick with traditional “woman hobbies.” Instead, they can get involved with those that were previously thought of for men only. The reasons why men are attracted to these women vary, depending on their taste. For some, they enjoy the fact that the woman is brave enough to try a male-dominated activity, while others like when a woman is interested in the same hobby as them.

Whatever your reason is, don’t be afraid to talk to a female who you find extra attractive when she does “manly activities” you enjoy!

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