March is host to 18 dynamic aspects: 1 conjunction, 7 squares, 1 opposition, 2 ingresses, 1 Rx regress, 2 Rx stations, 1 direct station, 1 BSB (beginning shadow boundary), 1 new and 1 full Moon.

These aspects, when making contacts to your chart can activate the energies within you, assisting you in your growth process. Supportive cooperation is an overall theme for March.

Venus is out of bounds the entire month, which leads us to discover out of the box materialistic yearnings and values that become not only popular, but possible, just through the sheer force of numbers of people adopting those characteristics.

The idea of “more is better” can be elevated to “quality is preferable”. Beginning modestly as we discover what we value, we put in place measures to make it happen, and develop and expand the process to include others in the process.

A shift in this energy occurs on the 11/5 when we enter a time when the possibility of interactive cooperation remains, but is not so opulent. We feel the need to structure our desires around more practical terms, and to be more honest and sincere about their merit.

A further shift in the dynamic energy on 11/21 again leads us to the possible addition of a spiritual dimension to our quest for quality, which continues through the middle of April.

A fixed grand cross dances through our lives during the first 10 days of March, giving us the potential to initiate solid, quality-based projects or to upgrade that which was started with the new Moon into more comprehensive, practical ventures.

As each planet moves through its Rx Shadow, we find it possible to identify and break old habit patterns, and find ways to create unity between the conscious and the super conscious, thereby healing the unconscious. Use that time to heal yourself in different areas.

Beginning new projects now will initiate long-lasting effects. Make sure that all your components are of high quality, and

that you have thought out your objectives and intentions. The old phrase “be careful what you wish for” is of important significance. West coast emphasis: health, service, employment, and secret activity. East coast emphasis: children, investments, and group activity. New Moon 9:43 Scorpio west coast 5:24 PM, east coast 8:24 PM.

03/2 An identity crisis brings inner conscious awareness in conflict with the status quo. Work on keeping your sense of optimism by investigating your situation for spiritual lessons. Most discrepancies can be worked on internally before making public statements describing your state of mind. Avoid cutting off your options before you have thoroughly scrutinized other alternatives. (Part of the dancing fixed grand cross*.) Sun squares Saturn 10:58 Scorpio/Leo, 11:21 PM.

03/5 an out of bounds Venus in Capricorn, an Earth sign brings an emphasis on materiality that is seldom satisfied with conventional dreams or wishes or values. The test here is to evaluate what you have and use your unconventional talents to create unique and positive solutions. If connected with illness or infirmity, investigate alternative or complementary treatments, or include prayer in your treatment. Venus enters Capricorn 12:11 AM.

03/5 Use your intuition to address challenges that seem to be baseless in their content. Emotionally based disputes cannot be resolved at the detail level, but must be explored and reasoned using principles. Recognition of artistic creations, such as the use of color or movement or the turn of a phrase is possible. Express your admiration for such works to nourish the artist’s self-esteem. For a different perspective, see 11/20. Mercury squares Uranus Rx 6:53 Sagittarius/Pisces, 4:27 PM.

03/6 A merging of conscious awareness and instinct may be utilized to discern when and how to act, however keep your path clear of distractions and when faced with a decision, take the high road using moral or spiritual principles as your guideline. * Sun squares Neptune 14:51 Scorpio/Aquarius, 8:11 PM.

Consider a courageous path that can get you where you want to go. A furtive, indecisive path will get you nowhere, and defeat your chances of reaching your goal. Those who oppose you would sense your vulnerability. Treat a lack of vitality or confidence with some inspirational material, or take your vitamins and take good care of your health until conditions change to support your goals. * Sun opposes Mars Rx 15:01 Scorpio/Taurus, 11:57 PM.

03/7 Interest in artistic or spiritual subjects may be followed to help you to see others in a more positive light. This can be a good time to donate to someone’s artistic work that you admire. Or, attend a conference or lecture on an inspirational subject, or assist someone in a way that supports his or her learning experience. Address that part of your condition that needs healing or enriching by engaging in positive activities. * Mars Rx squares Neptune 14:51 Taurus/Aquarius, 10:09 AM.

03/13 Situations surface that remind us of last June, and innovative or unconventional dilemmas that have not yet been resolved. Pay attention to how involved others react to details that to date haven’t reached an equitable solution. Reassess your position and gather information from other perspectives. Don’t burn your bridges. Mercury turns Rx 10:56 Sagittarius, 9:43 PM.

03/15 You may be pressured to make a decision or react to someone’s activity that you thought you understood. Now, however there are new facts that need to be scrutinized. April will bring more information that may change your entire attitude on the subject, and yet, there will be still more to be uncovered. This can bring a lot of confusion, and is a clue that current definitive action may be premature. Uranus turns direct 6:51 Pisces, 4:09 PM.

03/15 Many unresolved matters may surface to be resolved dealing with excess energy that has grown and developed to greater dimensions. Be prepared to deal with unresolved anger. Unresolved resentment and anger can manifest as illnesses or accidents. Projects that you thought were completed under a previous aspect in these degrees show what was lacking for proper closure. West coast issues: secrets, indirect access through negotiation and attaining future potential through hard work and selfless attitudes; east coast issues: identification with group consciousness, active communication, and development of creative ideas. (Recurring events make this a sensitive axis: Mars stationary Rx at this degree 10/01/05, Mercury stationary Direct 24 Scorpio 12/4/05.) Full Moon 23:46 Taurus, 4:57 PM west coast, 7:57 PM east coast.

03/18 More unresolved energies looking for a way to express. In a positive way, you can see a need and fill it with your own special talents, regardless of the source of the problem. Follow your intuition without trying to logically assess a situation. Such selfless deeds can bring positive transformation to a worthy recipient. Mars Rx squares Saturn 11:28 Taurus/Leo focusing through Pluto, 12:32 PM.

03/20 Issues present at 11/5 repeat in different costumes, but the same principles apply. Sudden and unexpected situations arise during as you communicate your concerns. Someone opens a link to a future process that can help pave the way for possible expansion and growth. Being truthful allows you the freedom you need to discover possible past errors, and to build or recover your integrity. Mercury Retrograde squares Uranus 6:51 Sagittarius/Pisces, 10:19 PM.

03/21 Your circle of quality friends may grow if you are open to new ways to develop your spiritual side. As your inner light grows, people will recognize it and be drawn to you. New principles in education, and modes of travel are becoming known, and are more usable. Sun enters Sagittarius 9:14 PM.

03/22 The beginning of a cycle that comes to completion in early March. It’s a wonderful time for gathering your ideas about what it is that will really make you happy. If your desires involve interactions with others, then strive to investigate the many potential facets of such a relationship, and how they can bring more depth and meaning to both parties. This is a time to perform genuinely compassionate, generous and considerate deeds, as all actions attract like responses. Venus BSB 16:02 Capricorn, 12 noon.

03/22 Changing your focus from the growth and development of a project to working with what you already have to secure its longevity can help you solidify your base of operations. To work on growth at this time would be premature, as a lot of changes will be forthcoming that require you to make many adjustments in your goals. Saturn turns Rx 11:19 Leo, 1:01 AM.

03/24 A redux of the January 17 Virgo concern for clear communications in safeguarding or creating a stable reputation. Now, you may discover that you have forgotten a few steps in the process that you had mapped out for yourself. You may feel uncomfortable because you can’t see the details clearly. Be patient, and when you speak, be careful of your statements. Make sure that you get your facts right. The final sequence of this aspect takes place in Aquarius 1/26/06. Mercury Rx conjoins Sun 2:28 Sagittarius, 7:42 AM.

03/26 Now you have some of the facts and tools to help you to retrace your steps, so that you may find the hidden loopholes or misunderstandings that were present during the early part of the month. Take your time, and keep track of your process. There is much information to be assembled, some of which is still hidden from sight. Mercury Rx re-enters Scorpio 4:03 AM

03/28 If you can concentrate on your dreams and desires you can add a symphony of excitement and enthusiasm to a previously routine project. The extra energy that you can infuse into your work will show, and will attract others who share your interests. Sun squares Uranus 6:55 Sagittarius/Pisces, midpoint Venus, 5:17 PM *A dancing grand cross is a configuration composed of at least 4 planets in 90-degree sequences that move in and out of orb, changing emphasis as the aspects become exact. Generally one or more of the planets is retrograde.

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