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Marcus Smart Suspended Three Games While Jeff Orr Receives No Discipline From Texas Tech

Jeff Orr
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Oklahoma State Cowboys guard Marcus Smart has received his punishment for shoving Jeff Orr the Texas Tech Red Raiders fan that he shoved.

While there was no question that Smart was going to get suspended for his role,  three games is harsh considering that Orr allegedly used a racial slur towards him. Texas Tech investigated what took place in the stands and issued a press release where Orr admits to calling Smart a “piece of crap” he also went on to say “I want to make it known that I did not use a racial slur of any kind.

There’s a  Youtube video that verifies the first part of the exchange between Smart and Orr.

While the university did not punish him, Orr has volunteered to not attend anymore home or road games for theremainder of the season. Sill that doesn’t make sense if all he called Smart was a “piece of crap.” It also doesn’t back up his claim in a text message that he sent to a friend in which the screen shot got sent to Doug Gottlieb of CBS. In it he said “I kinda let my mouth say something I shouldn’t have, I feel bad.

This also hasn’t been the first time his behavior has crossed the line.  In 2010 he got caught making an obscene gesture at Bryan Davis of Texas A&M. With the history of behavior which clearly goes against the NCAA’s code of conduct for fans, Texas Tech had no choice in the matter and needed to discipline Orr by banning him and instead took the easy way out by having him voluntarily attend home or away games.



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