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Matt and Jeff Hardy: Their Return To WWE Isn’t A Done Deal Yet


March 23, 2017

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So, the inevitable happened. According to numerous sources, Matt and Jeff Hardy may be returning to WWE in the near future. What has been discussed for months concerning a possible reunion of one of the company’s greatest tag teams of all time looks like it could become a reality. But first, the brothers must agree to terms with the company that helped put them on the map.


While it was reported earlier this week that WWE offered the Hardy brothers a contract, it is unclear whether they excepted it, and terms of the deal have not been disclosed. If the former WWE tag team Champions where to return “home” it would be a huge boost to a division that needs more veteran leadership. The Hardy’s, who have been champions in TNA and ROH, would certainly provide that and the idea of their over-the-top persona could be just what WWE needs to stir things up.

I have been outspoken about the McMahons bringing back veteran talent that don’t have a place on the current roster. This is one move that would be beneficial. While tag team wrestling has improved on both the red and blue brands, there is still disconnection with how the company promoted tag teams in the past and the way they are being booked today.

While Matt and Jeff immediately become the best part of must see television, with the possibility of bringing their new personas with them, we can’t get too excited yet. All of this is just a rumor until a deal is inked. Will this mean that they will remain a tag team, or will the company see fit to put Jeff back in singles competition as a former champion?

I am already salivating at the idea of a match with Seth Rollins, or a renewed rivalry with AJ Styles or even the prospect of Finn Balor somehow figuring in this mix. Still, the worst thing WWE could do is bring them back and then immediately split them up. The re-creation of Matt Hardy and his “broken” persona is one of the greatest stories in recent wrestling history. For a wrestler who was at a crossroads in his career, the notion of tearing down what was already created, and redefining himself with a new character and new appeal to wrestling fans makes his return to WWE even more exciting.

According to Bleacher Report, the Hardys and TNA are currently embroiled in a legal battle over the “broken” characters popularized in the promotion. Since the two sides cannot settle on what to do with the notion that the fledgling company owns the rights to their characters, A move north to WWE, with a full-time contract, would give them financial stability to fight TNA in court. It would also give them protection in case a judgment was ruled against them.

They Hardy’s return is not known yet as other sources have reported, they are locked into a two-month contract with ROH.

Right now, the best thing about the news of a potential return to their beginning has created a buzz not only for the McMahons but also in the business. With Wrestlemania on the horizon and changes potential he with WWE’s lead titles on both Raw and SmackDown Live, it would appear the summer months should get hotter if a deal is consummated with one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

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