With the 13 second knockout of Jose Aldo at UFC 194, Connor McGregor firmly planted himself as the new face of the UFC.
He had come on like a force the last 18 months and in the process become a household name amongst MMA fans.
McGregor is on a 15 fight win streak with dominant wins over the likes of Max Holloway, Diego Brandao, Deniis Silver, Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo and a host of others.
He was voted the Sherdog 2014 fighter of the year, and coming off the 2015 he is having, he is a lock for 2015 Fighter of the Year.

His rise comes at the perfect time for the UFC and the MMA world in general. Without their main attractions George Saint Pieree, Anderson Silva and Jon Bones Jones active, McGregor takes center stage.
Mix in the fact that previous cash cow Ronda Rousey just lost and is now taking some time off, and it is a perfect storm for McGregor.

McGregor represents countless options for the UFC and Dana White going forward.
With his Irish heritage, excellent charisma and incredible skills in the cage, there appears to be no stopping him.

He also has the ability to fight in several weight classes as it has already been said that if he bumps up to lightweight (155) he would receive an immediate title shot against this weekend’s winner between Donald Cerrone and current champ Rapheal dos Anjos.
If he stays put, the options there are also unlimited with a match against number one contender Frankie Edgar or the rumored rematch with former champion Aldo at UFC 200 in July.

Either way, the MMA world is now in the hands of it’s newest sensation Connor McGregor!
Hold on tight MMA fans.

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