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Men: 7 Condo Move Ups To Flaunt To Woman That Shows You’re A Grown Man, Not A Boy

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Men, by nature, are not that well-versed when it comes to maintaining the orderliness of their rooms. Hence, when women get to see their personal space, they’re most likely get discouraged when it’s in a disorderly state.

Before a woman steps into your unit, a question is running already in her mind: Is he a grown-up man or still an overgrown teenager? She may not find the answer literally, but there are telltale signs that she may know.

Good news is, if you have an idea what these things are, you can improve your condo to show her that you are capable of becoming and living like a man. Here’s a checklist you can use as a reference to know what women look in a grown man’s condo unit.

No “Bachelor Funk” Everywhere

Most men don’t care if their unit is spotless and funk air smells everywhere. One of the unpleasant things that women have to deal with in a man’s space is the smell. It includes harsh cologne, gym socks, and unwashed clothes that are scattered everywhere.

Bear in mind that cleanliness is a requirement. Put your wet towels and laundries off the floor and take out the garbage from time to time. Open your blinds to let the fresh air. Also, using a gentle air freshener is a good idea if you’re expecting a visitor.

Permanent Furniture and Chattels

Be a man who doesn’t get out of the woods. Your unit shouldn’t be composed of milk crates and folded camp chairs. A woman is looking for a comfortable space where you can share moments and talk freely.

You don’t need to be expensive, be mindful of what you are buying. It’s not about the look of the furniture, but it’s the message that it sends to your woman. Find colours and textures that complement each other.

Mounted and Framed Artworks on the Wall

Remember that time of your life when you had your walls adorned with posters of your favourite anime characters, boy band, or your girl crush? Most teenage boys can relate. But what about you? Are you still stuck in the same phase or is gradually transitioning into something more manly and full-grown like artworks?

Grown-up men use frames. It shows that a man has reached his final stage of development. He cares, in the beginning, to control his environment and pay attention to how his place looks. I’m sure a woman perfectly scores you with your framed artworks.

A Tidy Bathroom and Toilet

Boys, be mindful that girls always sit down and do their thing. Hence, when the time she decides to visit your unit she is facing a tough decision whether she can get intimate with the toilet seat or hover some nest.

Make sure to put high attention in cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis. Keep everything in order and have a clean towel available. Don’t let your girl’s visit will not be ruined due to the dirty bathroom you have.

Stock up Real Foods

Well, you are not giving a woman a commendable message if she opens the cupboard which only contains a taco packet and ramen. A woman will appreciate you if you stock real foods which you cooked effortlessly and offer to her by the time she visits.

Crackers paired with cheese along with cured meats and olives are undoubtedly a winner for her. Veggies, salads, and a few pieces of fruit for dinner are also a hit.

Make Way for Plants

By putting plants in your condo unit, a woman will surely agree that you are a responsible person. If you can attend to put a living thing in your room, a woman knows that you can also raise a family.

In the Right Place, In the Right Order

Maintaining a clean and orderly condo unit is quite a challenge for a man, but it is a commitment that you have to put attention to because you don’t want your woman to face a sea of clutter.

The easiest trick that you can do to make sure that everything is in the right place. Belts go here, mail goes there, this is where old concert ticket goes, and so on. Set and organize everything. In this way, you’ll find your unit a more pleasant place to visit.


Most guys think that their condo units will naturally get sophisticated as they make money and get older. Most of them are still living as overgrown teenagers because they forgot to reflect the things enumerated above.

Make some upgrades to your personal space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with interiors. If you’re clueless what to do, you can take your cue from sites such as www.precondo.ca which provides all-around tips about condominiums. You’re a grown-up man now. Thus, make sure your space is a reflection of it.  

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