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Miami Dolphins disappoint against the Tennessee Titans


October 9, 2016

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Just how bad are the Miami Dolphins? Each week the Dolphins find ways to make average teams look good. It becomes quite clear that if Miami wants to be successful, they need their starters back fast. Their offense looked often lost out there, with sprinkled in glimpses of hope. However, the occasional great play does not a good team make. How does this team continue to make zero progress in the offseason?

Even on Sunday fans were chanting for backup quarterback Matt Moore. While that may ease fans concerns momentarily, it wouldn’t be long before they turned on the 32-year-old journeyman. It’s easy to throw Tannehill under the bus for the team’s struggles. He’s one of the very few pieces which has been there through it all. However, the grass will not be greener until Miami can find a way to fix their offensive line. Tannehill took shot after shot on Sunday as if he had a high school team blocking for him.

When he does have time to throw, his receivers have been put on lockdown. Miami struggles to create separation in the lanes. Teams don’t have to do much to beat the Miami Dolphins. All those receivers and they seem like they can only get open 1-2 times a game. Even Jarvis Landry the past two games has struggled to get receptions. Miami’s offense has looked like a deer in the headlights. It’s almost as if the team has no heart. Unless of course, you’re taking unnecessary penalties, then they get all sorts of fired up.

Defensively Miami wasn’t much better. Whatever the team did right against the Bengals they apparently threw out the window. Whether it was Derrick Henry or DeMarco Murray, the Titans run game could not be stopped. Even Marcus Mariota rushed 7 times for 60 yards. Miami allowed 235 rushing yards on 41 attempts. Stats show 5.7 yards per carry, but the highlights will show much more. It wasn’t for lack of trying either. The Dolphins defense consistently hit running backs in the backfield for a would-be loss only to see them sneak by for a 4-5 yard gain.

You can’t even blame the defensive struggles on the offense this time around. Miami went away from its quick pace, no huddle offense this time around. The defense was given plenty of time to get off the field as Miami slowed down their attack. Miami again couldn’t get pressure on the quarterback as Mariota walked away without being sacked. While the Dolphins held the passing game to under 200 yards, they still couldn’t manage to stop Mariota’s three touchdown passes or one rushing touchdown.

If Miami wants to be winners, they need to stop playing soft, heartless football. Finding one facet of their game that works shouldn’t be as hard. However, the Dolphins do something well one week then struggle the next. The new slogan of the Miami Dolphins should be consistently inconsistent. The fat lady is already warming up on this dDolphins season. Point fingers if you want. There’s plenty of blame to go around. However, the Kool-aid was strong at the beginning of the season.

To believe that a rookie head coach, with a rookie defensive coordinator, with a bad team the year before was going to turn it around in one season, was foolish. Miami just doesn’t have the depth to overcome injuries and bad quarterback play. They’ll be lucky to win five games.

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