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Miami Dolphins vs Cleveland Browns: 5 things we learned

It’s not every day a win in overtime is disappointing unless you’re one of Miami Dolphins. In post game press conferences, Miami sounded more like a team that had just endured their third straight loss than a team who just won. Probably due to the fact they should have lost. Miami kept giving Cleveland chances to win, and the Browns responded with “not today!” At one point, the game looked like the game would end in a tie. Why was the game so close.

Cleveland may have won a championship in the NBA, but the Browns side of Cleveland is still cursed. With a third-string quarterback and a handful of unique plays, the Browns were in this game right up until they lost. Or the Dolphins were in it until they won. Just because Miami was often in the lead, doesn’t mean they weren’t losing that game.

From a scoreboard standpoint, they had more points, but the Browns looked like the better team. Tyrell Pryor could do no wrong and if not for three missed, high percentage, field goals Cleveland wins this game. Miami has plenty season left, but Vance Joseph might want to start getting early looks his kind of players in next year’s NFL draft.

Jordan Cameron should retire

As much as everyone likes a good comeback, but against his former team, Cameron had to exit for another concussion test. While he’s a former pro bowler with the Browns, in his first four seasons he suffered three concussions, and his 4th in 6 seasons on Sunday. There’d be no shame if Cameron were to walk away.

At some point, you have to start thinking about life after football. As a tight end, you’re only going to take more hits and some won’t be pretty. As much as he wants to be there to help the team win, it doesn’t come without a price.

It will be a tragedy if the Dolphins don’t pay Reshad Jones

Quick, without Google, can you remember the last time Jones didn’t lead the team in tackles? Being one of Miami’s best defenders is one thing. Being a top safety in the league is another. Sunday’s performance was another example of how Miami needs to build more around Jones. With nine tackles, including 3 for a loss, Jones lead the Dolphins defense and almost the game. Just three games into the season he’s on pace to shatter his career high of 135(last year). While that’s not a record Dolphin fans want to see him pursue, that kind of productivity can’t go unrewarded. After a minor hold out this offseason, Miami needs to pony up some change and keep this dynamic player in-house.

Can we consider Jarvis Landry an elite receiver yet?

With so much focus on guys like Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown, playmakers like Jarvis Landry get lost in the shuffle of a bad Miami team. Through 3 games, Landry leads the league in receptions with 24 and is on pace for 1,675 yards. Even in games where Landry isn’t involved early on, he finds ways to get open when it matters. Landry is one of the few bright spots in an all too inconsistent offense.

Teammates like Devante Parker and Kenny Stills combined have fewer catches and yards than Landry does. How Landry consistently gets open is baffling. Miami through 3 games, doesn’t have a running back over 100 yards. Defenses should be able to sit back and wait for him to come, but can’t seem to cover him.

Ryan Tannehill can’t play 60 minutes of consistent football.

If you’ve watched Tannehill play in the past 5 seasons you’ve grown accustomed to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You’ll get a quarter and a half of sloppy football, then the lights come on. If Adam Gase wants to win football games, he has to find ways to get all four quarters out of Ryan. There’s a lot of good football in Tannehill, but it’s overshadowed by either the early mistakes and the Dolphins often fall behind or the late ones to cost them the game.

On the football side of it, Tannehill isn’t getting any better. Sorry, fans. His play is what it is. However, Miami needs to find a way to take the weight off his shoulders. Miami can either get the run game going or find a way to play game changing defense. Miami isn’t going to be a contender on the strength of Tannehill’s passing game. Either be a complete team, or continue to lose.

In terms of building a playoff contender, Adam Gase and the Miami Dolphins have a long way to go. Miami has the pieces to be contenders but can’t stop the self-inflicted wounds. Whether it’s protecting a lead or gut check moments, Miami doesn’t know how to win. There won’t always be 3 missed field goals to help your cause.

At some point, Miami needs to string together consistency for one quarter, one game, one season at a time. Until then, playoffs shouldn’t even be on fans minds. Miami faces a short break this week as they travel to Cincinnati to face that other Ohio team. The Bengals have let no fewer than 22 points this season. Can Miami match their offense to win this game? Kickoff is scheduled for 8:25 pm on Thursday.

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