Using Microsoft Teams but have lower productivity? Want to get your hands on the best features to succeed in the market?

There are many cases where even experienced users fail to find the right solution in some scenarios. This content piece will guide you with some of the best features and give you tips to enhance your productivity.

What is Microsoft Teams?

It is a part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 and a cloud-based team collaboration software. The main features of this platform include calling, video meetings, file sharing, and texting. It is also known as the business communication app connecting local and remote workers in real-time.

Microsoft Teams can easily integrate with other business apps like PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Exchange. It is used by small-scale and large-scale businesses to ease sharing of information inside or outside the firm.

How to boost productivity with Microsoft Teams?

1. COLLABORATE online is the new normal

The platform provides various methods to bring employees, clients, and customers together virtually. With Microsoft Teams, you can handle small or huge amounts of people efficiently. There are various types of meetings depending on your case.

2. The power to handle INTERFACE

There are many ways to keep your interface user-friendly. Let us look at some methods that can be used to optimize the interface:

  • You can pin the channel to move it at the top in the Teams pane for ease of accessibility. Users have the freedom to change the order of the pinned channels.
  • Keep your Team workspace tidy by hiding the teams or channels that are no more used. There is also an option to unhide them if required.
  • It is a hassle-free process to find the conversations or messages you are tagged. In the feed pane title bar, right-click on the Filter icon and select @Mentions or type /mentions in the search bar.
  • There are cases where you need to save certain messages to view later. Go to the upper-right of the text you want to keep, click on the three dots, and click on Save this message. Go to your profile headshot and click on Saved to access these messages.

3. LOW CODING but powerful features

There are Power Apps that help revolutionize the organization’s processes and workflow. The blend of Microsoft Teams SharePoint helps work with the best feature with minimal or no coding for building apps. This saves the employees’ time and efforts, which will boost their performance of the employees.

4. Make CONVERSATIONS painless

There are many options when you want to have a conversation with people, but only a few of them provide a platform for healthy discussion. Let us look at some tips:

  • Team channels have many conversations, and it might be common to overlook a message. To ensure that the person reads the specific text, you can tag them using @username. This will notify the person to read the text.
  • Assign a title to the important conversations for tracking them later. Click on Format in the toolbar. There would be a line “Add a subject,” insert the title and send your message. Microsoft Teams gives you the freedom to edit the title of previous conversations.
  • Go to the New Conversation drop-down menu from the expanded message formatting window and select announcement. You need to add a large headline for the post and include coloured or image background to make it stand out.

5. Provide STRUCTURE to your organization

The SharePoint governance feature will help you create and understand the business policies related to security and migration. Microsoft also assists while developing the framework to make the process effective and more productive for the end-users.

6. Make conversations more EFFICIENT

Various conversations will be held on Microsoft Teams, but it is important to have important stuff shared and discussed as a priority. With the upcoming teams features, you can easily make quality conversations with your Team and clients. Give the below points a try:

  • Marking a message important to alert people every two minutes about the message. Click on the Format icon, which will expand the message composing window. Click on the more options icon, and select Mark as important.
  • The conversations in the Team channels are accessible to every one part of the Team, and the private chats are done between two or more individuals. There are chances that you want to reply to the earlier message. Move the pointer over the message and select Reply from the small menu.
  • Users can also start a new chat in the new window of the Team. From the top corner of the Teams app, click on more option icons and then settings from the menu. Click on New Window in the option Open new chat in.

Why should you start using Microsoft Teams?

The platform has begun to grow rapidly with its great functions and features. Let us give you some more reasons to start your journey with Microsoft Teams:

● It is not all about MESSAGING

Definitely, you can use the platform to have a quick conversation, but a lot more goes into the venue. Share a file by simply attaching it to your chat. It is effortless to call or video call with colleagues for better discussions. Integrate with OneNote, Office, and SharePoint Lists and Libraries to bring everything under a single roof.

● Not limited to MEETINGS

Preparation for an important meeting is a challenge to keep everything organized. Meeting using Microsoft Teams can make this experience effortless. Once you create the meeting, users can start chatting with the participants, share files, make notes, and easily track the To-Do list. Also, access the recording of the meeting later if you need to take any action.

● Collaborate Quickly

The tight integration of Office 365 apps makes it easier to collaborate with the users. It gives freedom to create Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents in the Team’s platform. Share the data with your co-workers within a fraction of seconds.

The Final Tip!

 You can win the world through Microsoft Teams with the correct features and support. The platform is perfect for staying connected anywhere and anytime. There are just a few clicks to chat, join meetings, share documents, or make announcements.

Stay in the loop by exploring new features in the platform that are beneficial for your business.

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