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Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid On Social Media

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By Ashley Kornee

Keeping your business active on the social media is a very lucrative way to expand your business and gain positive word of mouth. However, neglecting to meet your audiences expectations can have dire results for your business and leave you bankrupt.

People have always made mistakes in their marketing campaigns, but those mistakes can be turned into useful lessons that you can apply in your own practice. What are some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid in your social media marketing strategies to make sure you don’t fall into your own trap?

Don’t just sell products

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in social media marketing is to force products and services to your viewers. A person on Facebook or Twitter, like any other person or friend you come across, is a human being. People like it when you take care of their feelings and actually offer them something they can relate to.

Whether it’s a heartwarming message about how your brand helps their everyday life or how it integrates into their home and family – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you should always strive to develop a positive image through brand advertisement and then follow it up with product or service advertisement. People are buying your brand, not your shampoo or an airplane ticket – just look at Coca-Cola and you will have a clear understanding of how important it is to develop your brand name.

Don’t be stubborn

While some companies hit a jackpot on their first try, more often than not you will develop a marketing campaign that your audiences hate. It’s not the end of the world however, because this is the first step towards developing an active listening skill in your business strategy. By listening to your fans and users you will know exactly what they want and how they want it. Some of their suggestions or demands might seem ridiculous at first, but every once in a while you will notice one or two ideas that seem perfect.

Don’t be stubborn and listen to your fans – they are the ones who are keeping your business alive. If you stay stubborn and only do what your expert advisors and marketing team says, you might lose approval with your customers and it might have dire consequences down the line. Having their support will make pushing new products and business strategies a much simpler process.

Don’t hide things

Your company may be facing difficult times and fails to supply the demand that your customers have set. Your financial state has seen better days and you had to let go a significant number of staff members. Any number of things might have happened, and depending on the severity and impact these events have on your company, you should consider taking them to the public.

While it may seem like a stupid idea, letting people know that you are struggling but fighting hard to make it all work might just be the push you need to improve your overall situation. Hiding things from your fans and customers can have severe consequences in the long run, because once you lose their trust it will be very hard to gain it back – sometimes even impossible.

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Always think in advance

You might think that a small error in misinformation can go under the radar, but when it comes to social media, a mistake like that can cost you a lot. Credibility is something you should nurture in whatever form you can allow yourself, whether it’s content marketing through true stories or giving away free samples and discounts to your followers.

Every online step you take will take you closer or farther from making profit and growing your business. Thinking in advance is crucial when developing a social media marketing strategy because it literally takes minutes for something to become a viral topic. It’s up to you whether that topic is your brand in a positive or a negative way. Develop strategies that take every aspect of future advertising into consideration and you will avoid any mistakes that come from not planning properly.

In conclusion

Having a working strategy for your social media advertisement is one thing, but making it flawless and unmistakable is another matter entirely. Keep in mind that making mistakes will often teach you valuable lessons about your customers and business itself. Don’t be afraid of failure and always strive to learning from your missteps – it’s the best way to avoid future mistakes and grow your business using social media advertisement.

About the author:  Ashley Kornee is a blogger and freelance writer. She always tries to write about ordinary things in a creative way.  You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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