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In recent news, former FBI Director James Comey has been under questioning by the Senate Intelligence Committee. During the hearing, Senator McCain apparently asked questions that were found confusing by some. The feedback from social media led to the most important discovery to be made from these hearings. McCain is an Arizona Diamondbacks fan.

“I get the sense from Twitter that my line of questioning today went over people’s heads. Maybe going forward I shouldn’t stay up late watching the Diamondbacks night games,” the Arizona Republican said in a statement.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner, Twitter slammed McCain after his questions during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, two of which focused on the 2016 FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and the 2017 investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election. Comey appeared confused by McCain’s questions, and McCain himself looked frustrated as he asked them.

Jan 20, 2017; Washington, DC, USA; Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator John McCain arrive ahead of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

“In the case of Hillary Clinton, you made the statement that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to bring a suit against her, although it had been very careless in their behavior, but you did reach a conclusion in that case that it was not necessary to further pursue her,” McCain began during his questioning. “Yet at the same time, in the case of Mr. [Trump], you said that there was not enough information to make a conclusion. Tell me the difference between your conclusion as far as former Secretary Clinton is concerned, and Mr. Trump.”

In his follow-up statement, McCain said he was trying to ask Comey if he “believes that any of his interactions with the president rise to the level of obstruction of justice.”

The Arizona Diamondbacks had to acknowledge the now nationally publicized fandom of a United States Senator. They did so in a funny way, of course.

It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to. It doesn’t matter what you think of the Trumps or the Clintons. What’s important is publicly declaring who your team is. Be sure to drop a comment below telling The Inscriber who YOUR favorite Major League Baseball team is.

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