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MLB Rumors: Did the Cincinnati Reds find a trade partner?

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There are several reports being circulated around the MLB rumor mill that the Cincinnati Reds may have found a team for their OF Jay Bruce. ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick is reporting that the Mariners have sparked some interest in Jay Bruce. This may happen due to the fact that the Mariners added Nori Aoki in the offseason, it has not paid off well. So the Mariners have relied heavily on Franklin Gutierrez and Nelson Cruz in the outfield.

Jay Bruce, who is 29 years old and had arthroscopic knee surgery in early 2014. He has not been the same player since he had the surgery. Although his numbers were getting a bit better in 2016, the Reds still want to move him. The Reds are in rebuilding mode and feel that while Bruce is first hitting his prime, they can still try and get something back in return for him.

It seems that Jay Bruce is been rumored to be getting out of Cincinnati for the last few season and nothing ever pulls through. What seems interesting is that the Mariners are the team that is gaining some steam, but it makes sense because they need help in the outfield. Bruce is someone who can assist in the OF and he can give Cruz and Gutierrez an off day.

There is still a few days until the August 1st deadline, so anything can happen and when  the trade deadline is being talked about, you never what trades will happen as we inch closer to the 4pm deadline next Monday. Stay tuned to Inscriber Digital magazine as we will have the latest heading up to the August 1st deadline.

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