Anyone who loves motorcycles knows that every bike is different. Some are made better than others, while some are created to surpass every standard of motorcycles. Having this knowledge will help you make the right decision when you purchase a high-end bike.

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a bike that’s more special than others, making it a dream bike for any rider or enthusiast. However, when you have to buy one, you have a lot of decisions to make. To help you, here are some key tips on what to consider before buying a Harley-Davidson.

  1. Bill of Sale

You should always ask the seller to write your deal down on paper, so you have something that you can take home and evaluate. If the person you’re talking to is unwilling or reluctant to give you a written copy of the deal, then you should take a step back and give that more attention.

  1. Hidden Fees

You should always be on the look-out for any hidden fee. These are various charges that your seller may not tell you about until the deal is done. Ask for a separate list of “hidden fees,” so you will be aware of how much you’ll be paying in total.

  1. Financing

Unless you’re paying for the bike in cash, then you should ask for all the details of your loan deal. You should ask how much is the total amount loaned, how long you will be paying for the loan, and what your interest rate is.

  1. Interest Rates

Before you go to the Harley-Davidson dealer, you should go to your credit union or bank, and ask how much your interest rate would be if you obtained the loan through them. Also, there are dealers that will offer you “freebies” to get you to sign a deal and loan with them, but they will actually charge you for those freebies in other ways.

  1. Loan Term

Ask how many months you will be paying for your purchase. The longer your term is, the higher your interest rate. If you’re planning to purchase a new bike in the next few years, consider getting a shorter term for your loan.

  1. Harley-Davidson Literature

You should remember to ask for a Harley-Davidson literature related to the bike you want to purchase. With it, you’ll be able to compare what you’ll be getting to what you actually want, and you can think about the price the dealer’s offering you in comparison to the price listed in the literature.

Ride on to Your Dreams!

It’s a dream come true to be riding around on a Harley-Davidson bike. However, you shouldn’t get blindsided and sign a deal without taking time to think. You don’t want to be someone who has a good bike but a very bad deal. If you are looking to purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, especially with Harley-Davidson parts, research and ask questions.

Author’s Bio:Megan Neilsen is a motorbike and car enthusiast who loves anything vehicle related. She enjoys writing and enjoys riding on her motorbike on the weekend. She has a young family and enjoys life.

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