My mother has always gone to antique shops looking for southwestern decor. She would look for vintage knick-knacks, couches, paintings, or other cool decorations for the house. She collects old milk jars and uses them to decorate the house, filling them with flowers, or using them to create a unique centerpiece. The decor my mom has brought into our house has made it unique and as a child, I always thought our house was the coolest looking place because of all the antiques.

When I would go to my friends’ houses as a child they all seemed to look the same; they didn’t have antiques just store bought table covers and centerpieces. I have always been proud of how my family’s house has looked because it didn’t look like something from a magazine, it always has had a “one of a kind” feel. My mother inspires me to decorate my future home in a unique way so it is not like any other. The southwestern style antiques are not the only thing my mother brought into our home for decoration. She also would find unique Asian pieces to decorate her bedroom. Most of the pieces are from the Scituate Art Festival, where my mother and I would go to purchase paintings made by John Cheng.

My mom took pride in buying the original paintings to hang in her bedroom. The art was so important to her because it made her room come alive. It would even bring her to tears because of how beautiful it was. But, of course, her love of decorating would always come back to southwestern style. She would find so much joy through sifting through old Native American art and antiques and bring that back to our home and display it in a way that would amaze anyone who walked in our door.

Southwestern Decor Essentials: Area Rugs

Some of her favorite types of southwestern decor were area rugs with intricate southwestern designs, Navajo blankets, rustic handmade wooden furniture, and handmade turquoise jewelry. Our home was littered with bright patterns and pieces of art handcrafted by Native American artists from long ago. Although southwestern decor is not as popular as it once was, if you dive into it, I’m sure you’ll come to love it just as much as my family has. It has a rich and long history that makes it the perfect thing to add spice and intrigue to your home.

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