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NBA: Is Bradley Beal Right By Saying The Wizards Have The Best Backcourt?


January 16, 2015

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A lot has been made of who is the NBA’s best backcourt duo. A lot of fans say it’s the Splash Brothers tandem of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. However, when you ask Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal who the top guard pairing is, it’s a resounding vote of confidence for himself and John Wall.

“We feel as though were the best backcourt in the NBA and we’re gonna compete each and every night to try and prove it.”

Beal isn’t blowing hot air either, as he and Wall do indeed make up one of the best backcourt’s. As a team, the Wizards aren’t the three-point threat of their competition in Golden State, but both shoot over the .420 mark and are no slouches in the scoring department, as the average 17.4 and 15.1 points respectively.

However, Those numbers fail in comparison to that of Curry and Thompson, who average 23.3 and 21.3 points a game, and are above and beyond the best scoring option on a loaded Golden State team.
Despite averaging two more assists per game, the Golden State Warriors backcourt are much bigger threat than what Washington has to offer, but you can’t fault Beal for thinking otherwise.

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