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In a previous blog, I discussed the pure awesomeness of just a few, of many, Minor League Baseball logos. Those MiLB logos get quirky, funny and crazy! Well, those logos got me thinking. Do any other sports have minor league systems with logos just as great? Leave it to us at Awesome Sports Logos to do the hard investigative work! Today, I present you some of the best logos in the National Basketball Association’s Developmental League, better known as the D-League.




The Delaware 87ers, who go by the nickname “The Sevens”, are the D-League affiliate to none other than the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sevens definitely get cool points for the clever marketing strategy involved in the name of the organization. Now, about that logo. Is it super funny? Is it super awesome? Well, at first glance, one might say “no” to those questions. However, the eerie similarity that the Sevens logo has to the 76ers logo is hilarious. That similarity alone gives them my nod as one of the best NBA D-League logos out there. I wonder if anyone mistakenly purchased Sevens merchandise, intending to get 76ers gear? You can see the comparison below:

(image courtesy of sportslogos.net)
(image courtesy of sportslogos.net)












Now, on to a funny by design logo, featuring the Boston Celtics developmental team. The Maine Red Claws began playing in the 2009-2010 season. This expansion team came out of the gate with one crabby logo. Crabby as in their mascot looks grumpy! Maine is known for their spectacular seafood. It seems now that they’re working towards getting known for an awesome basketball logo. The lobster looks tough, and with basketballs at the ends of his antennae, we know he means business on the court! This developmental league logo definitely runs in line with some of the funnier Minor League Baseball looks!

(image courtesy of sportslogos.net)

This next team has, in my opinion, the best logo in all of the D-League. Now, before you scroll down to see what all the hype is about, let some of this imagery set into your mind. Ants. Mad ants. Mad ants running all over a basketball court, slamming the sweetest dunks and hitting the deepest three-pointers. That, my friends, is what this next logo brings to the table. That’s right. The rest of the D-League should be cowering in fear to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants!

(image courtesy of sportslogos.net

This developmental team to the Indiana Pacers has THE best logo in the NBA’s D-League. Just look at this pure awesomeness! When you think about all of the team mascots and logos in the sports world today, you never suspected that ants would be the best in their class. The Mad Ants just flat did their logo the right way. Front and center are the main attraction. The angry head of this ant is followed by the body of a basketball. Surrounding the main image is a cool font, scripting out the team’s name. Congratulations Fort Wayne Mad Ants, you get this website’s award for BEST logo in the D-League. Everyone give a round of applause for the Mad Ants!


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