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NBA Trade Rumors: 5 players that should be traded this season

Here we are with another addition of NBA Trade Rumors.

With the NBA season just a week away we will look at 5 players that should change teams. Their trade could happen for a few reasons, like bad chemistry, large contract, tank year, or it’s just their time to go. Throughout the offseason, there were many whispers of trade happenings but no real big ones went down. As the season progresses and teams start to see what their roster will look like, come February we will see a few big names change teams. But who?

Here are the 5 players I see changing teams before the season is over.


Ricky Rubio: (Minnesota Timberwolves)

With the addition of PG Kris Dunn, Rubio’s time in a Wolves uniform is over barring a major setback by the rookie. Rubio has been on the market for the past two seasons and now is the time for the Wolves to finally make a move. Rubio is still young and will offer a team plenty of upside but he does not fit with this current crop of players for some reason. The Wolves are young but Rubio still has not improved his perimeter game to mesh well with the low post and slashing ability of his teammates.

Rudy Gay: (Sacramento Kings)

For whatever reason, the brass in the Kings organization feel that Gay is not a piece of the puzzle. He fits well with DeMarcus Cousins, can defend, rebound and knock down the perimeter shot. So, what’s the issue? From Gay’s perspective, the constant losing has to be torture but he has never said publicly that he wants out. This is one of those situations that will work in favor of Gay but will be a black eye for the growth of the Kings.

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Eric Bledsoe: (Phoenix Suns)

Bledsoe’s time is up in Phoenix and you cannot point the finger at him. Bledsoe is sneaky good, one of the most dynamic players that you’ve never heard of. But the issue is the emergence of 2nd-year player Devin Booker. While Bledsoe and fellow backcourt mate Brandon Knight were out with injuries last year Booker made himself non-expendable to the Suns. With the roster healthy entering the new season that means there will be three players fighting for playing time. If the Suns can move Bledsoe, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Nerlens Noel: (Philadelphia 76ers)

Despite the injury to rookie Ben Simmons the 76ers are still over-loaded in the frontcourt. With the way Joel Embiid has performed this preseason, his spot is solidified. Another option the team will look at is Jahlil Okafor. But, they will be wise to keep his offense and defense in place. Noel is not much of an offensive threat and Embiid looks to have more of an upside. The 76ers are in dire need of a PG or SG and with the NBA shortage of prime low post defensive players, they make come off with a great haul for the former Lottery pick.

LaMarcus Aldridge: (San Antonio Spurs)

Until yesterday this was not even a thought, but with the news that Aldridge may not be happy, the Spurs may be forced to do the unthinkable. If the rumors are true, then we know the kind of leader Gregg Popovich is. All loose ends must be tied up as the Spurs enter every season with one goal. They want to win a championship and if you’re not with them, you’re against them. Aldridge being traded will give the team exactly what they need, a PG for the future and a possible draft pick. We still don’t know if this is true, as Pop is not one to put the team’s business in the media but if it is, you can all but consider Aldridge gone.


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