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New York Yankees: Why would they trade Aroldis Chapman?

The New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs made a trade on Monday that sent Aroldis Chapman to Chicago. In return, the Cubs traded Adam Warren, Rashad Crawford ( Advanced Single-A), Billy McKinney (Double-A), and Gleybar Torres ( Advanced Single-A).

It’s clear as day that the Cubs won the trade as this was a one sided deal. I understand the purpose of getting the minor league players in Crawford, McKinney, and Torres, as they along with Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, and Gary Sanchez, are part future plans. The only question mark I see is Adam Warren’s part of the deal.

If you look Adam Warren’s numbers this season for the Chicago Cubs, he has a record of 3-2 with an ERA of 5.91 ERA. Before joining the Cubs after the Yankees traded him to the Cubs for 2nd baseman Starlin Castro, he was with the team for four years. He had a record of 13-15 with an era of 3.39. I feel that comparing Aroldis Chapman and Adam Warren; it is a downgrade because Adam Warren doesn’t put the scare into hitters like Chapman.

One of the only benefits to bringing back Adam Warren is he can be a spot starter for the Yankees, while Chapman never fulfilled that role. Reports were coming out that once the trade went through, Aroldis Chapman will not re-sign with the Cubs and instead will test free agency in the off-season. There is still a chance the Yankees could re-sign him in the off-season.

Overall, originally I didn’t understand the trade at all because I thought it wouldn’t help the Yankees. But taking some time to think about it, it works out for the Yankees. On the short term basis, the Cubs won. However, the long-term effect is still yet to be determined.

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