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NFL: Jamaal Charles should sign with the Dallas Cowboys after the Kansas City Chiefs released him


March 1, 2017

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As the NFL free agency is set to begin in a few days, teams are starting to make it clear who they are not bringing back for the 2017 season. As it was reported earlier Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs have released Jamaal Charles, who happens to be the Chiefs all-time rushing leader. Well, now he will be on the free agency market looking for a new home in 2017 with one major condition. The condition for Charles to sign with a new team is that they need to be a contender.


Since he is looking for a contender, he has a few teams that he will be looking at and one of the rumored teams to be on his list actually makes sense. According to Mike Garafolo, he could see the Dallas Cowboys being high on Jamaal Charles list of possible teams. He sees this as Charles played college football at the University of Texas and the Cowboys are one of the contenders in the NFC. Also it would make sense for Jamaal Charles to sign with the Cowboys is that he can essentially become the backup to Ezekiel Elliot, who had a phenomenal rookie season.

Also it should go without saying that the Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines in the National Football League. By becoming the backup to Elliot, it will end up giving him a breather and the Cowboys will not have to put that much mileage on him. Also Jamaal Charles is a proven running back so the Cowboys wouldn’t need to worry about it. The only issue is it is not known if the Cowboys have interest in bringing in Jamaal Charles.


It should be noted that Jamaal Charles will need to convince whatever team mightily after he was put on the shelve for most of the 2016 season with a knee injury. Other teams who could have an interest in Charles is the New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, and the Detroit Lions are some of the teams.

The NFL Free Agency period beings on March 9, 2017, and after that is when teams can start signing players. Stay in touch with the Inscriber Magazine as we will keep you up to date.

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