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NHL: What Does the Evander Kane Trade Mean For Him and The Buffalo Sabres?

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It’s official, Evander Kane is leaving Winnipeg. After what seems like years of speculation the forward has been traded to Buffalo.

Winnipeg did it’s due diligence scoping out the right trade for Kane, and received quite the haul for him. However, it’s not what the trade does for Winnipeg that is the story. How will Evander Kane fit in with the Buffalo Sabres?

Buffalo, who gave up Tyler Meyers, Drew Stafford, Joel Armia and Brendan Lemieux in the deal, are on the verge of a massive rebuild. It all started last season when the team traded away forward Thomas Vanek and goalie Ryan Miller. Left with a young and inexperienced roster, the Sabres have become  one of the worst team’s in the NHL.

However, being the worst is all part of the plan.

The Sabres have their sights set on one of the 2015 Draft’s top prizes, Conor McDavid or Jack Eichel.
Already stacked with young talent, Buffalo is looking to build a team from scratch. Getting Kane is a positive step for the rebuilding Sabres, who will acquire the 23-year-old before he even hits the prime of his career.

Despite being placed on the season-ending IR, Kane is a difference maker.

His time in Winnipeg wasn’t the most glamorous affair, but he has solidified himself as one of the top young NHL talents. This season, Kane has been hit with numerous injuries, and  stated on numerous occasions his desire to leave Winnipeg. The Buffalo trade offers Kane a chance at a fresh start on a young team. While we likely won’t get to see Kane in a Sabres uniform until next season, the move is undoubtedly a sign that Buffalo is looking to make all the moves necessary to become a significant player in the Eastern Conference.

Whether or not Buffalo nabs McDavid or Eichel the team now has a proven, young winger in Kane to pair them with. Buffalo is ready to take the next step, and so is Kane.

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