(Photo: ET Images)
(Photo: ET Images/Euan Torrie)

Not many Americans know much about the small, tucked-away Central American country of El Salvador. As far as most of us know, it is nothing more than a breathtaking ocean-laden screensaver on your desktop.

Most Yankees may know of El Salvador for its recent violent civil war and its high crime, but the tiny country with a population of 6.5 million is also known for its many picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, coffee farms, rain forests and waterfalls.

The smallest and most densely populated country in Central America with a population of 6.3 million best known for exports such as it’s world famous coffee and sugar, another one of it’s exports are fashion models.

High-end fashion models such as Celeste Velis, beauty queens such as Lissette Rodriguez, Michelle Melhado, Sonia Cruz and Gabriela Gavidia are why El Salvador has long had the reputation of being a beauty queen hotbed.

Could 20-year-old muay caliente knockout Nina Lockhart be the next one?

Based in Houston, Texas since arriving from El Salvador at the age of 15, the 5’5 curvy and busty brown-haired head-turning stunner has modelled for the likes of Orlando, Florida-based lingerie brand G World Intimates.



With winter right around the corner, here is my Q and A with the native of “The Land of Volcanoes” in Ms. Nina Lockhart as we discuss her love of football, winter fashion style tips and what guys can do to find that perfect lingerie set for their special lady to help heat things up this holiday season.

Photo: Nino Batista


Name: Nina Lockhart

Age: 20

Height: 5’5

Measurements: 32-24-32

Birthplace: El Salvador

Hometown: Houston, Texas


R.C. What brands have you modeled for?

N.L. “G world intimates”


R.C. What first inspired you to get into modeling?

N.L. “I honestly never thought I would become a model. I always dreamed about it but didn’t think it would happen since I used to be a chubby kid growing up and nobody ever thought I was beautiful, so growing up being told that I wasn’t pretty really affected my self-esteem mostly when they never really gave a chance to see my inner beauty because looks is all they could see.

So I wanted people to get to see me for who I was and  not for what I looked like so that’s when I started to work out to look better and became more confident in myself and the drive of wanting to show the world who I truly was inspired me.”


R.C. Who is your role model/inspiration in the industry?

N.L. “I don’t think I have a specific role model. I admire everyone that are they’re their true self in camera and off camera, mostly because in this industry it’s easy for people to keep their head in the clouds and think they are superior because of how good they look or how far they are in the industry, so I really admire the ones that stay humble throughout their career.”

(Photo: Tony Cogliandro and Mua Alicia Ortega)

R.C. What has been the best place to shoot? 

N.L. “I’ve mostly shot in studios and a few outdoors places so I haven’t really gotten to shoot in a place that wowed me. But I would love to get to shoot in some type of historical place or at a desert. I’ve always like how desert images come out.”

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R.C. Hobbies outside of modeling? 

N.L. “I love working out! It’s something I do pretty much every day. I’m also a tv/movie junkie so I spend quite a bit of time watching TV. Another one of my hobbies is doing crafts. I’m always looking at Pinterest and trying to reproduce anything cool I find.

I actually just recently repainted an old dresser I had so I had to sand off the old paint which took me awhile and then painted it white 🙂 it was a fun project to do.”


(Photo: Deft Photos)
(Photo: Deft Photos)

R.C. What is the best thing about modeling and why?

N.L. “The best thing about modeling is being able to express myself without words.

A picture can tell many stories by the way your facial expression look or what your body language is. Also the environment they are taken in plays a role on how an image turns out.  it’s also like a time capsule that will never change. Another reason I love about modeling is being able to reproduce an idea that someone had in mind for so long and to get to fulfill their vision and they finally get to share it with everyone else.”


R.C. With fall coming up and winter right around the corner, what are some fashion and beauty tips to stay sexy and warm?

N.L. “One of my favorite things to wear in the fall is my thigh high boots! They go well with any outfit whether it’s a long sleeve dress and a jacket or some skinny jeans and sweater. 

I also love wearing a long sleeve dress with a long coat and boots to stay warm but yet look sexy.”


R.C. Any winter fashion tips you want to add?

N.L. Lately I’ve been enjoying wearing faux fur vest to remain warm but yet still fashionable :)”


R.C. And any must-have accessories for this season?

N.L. Gloves, beanies, scarfs, thigh-high socks and a cute pair of booties”


(Photo: Mark Durand)

R.C. With the holidays coming up, what advice–as a lingerie model–could you provide to men hoping to find the perfect set for their special lady?

N.L.  ” I think you can’t never go wrong with a black or red lingerie matching set it would be the perfect gift for his especially lady and him .. she gets to look sexy and confident in lingerie while he enjoys it as well by seeing his lady all dressed up:)”


R.C. Besides G World Intimates, what brands do you recommend and endorse?

N.L. I love Yandy, Adore Me, Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria Secret!”


R.C. Since you’re from the great state of Texas, do you follow football? If so who is your favorite team?

N.L. “I’ve actually only lived in Texas for almost 4 years and haven’t really learned much about football! But I do think J.J. Watt (defensive end of the Houston Texans) is a hottie so you could say I’m a Texans fan Haha! j/k!”


R.C. Advice to those who wish to model.

N.L. “Stay humble and true to yourself don’t try to be what people might expect you to be. just be yourself and don’t let anyone force you in doing anything you aren’t comfortable with. Also make sure you are confident with who you are and how you look and don’t compare yourself to how others look. Be your own type of beautiful!”

Special thanks to Ms. Nina Lockhart for her assistance during the Q and A interview process. All images are used with permission and are the rightful property of their owners. Follow Nina on Instagram at @_ninalockhart, follow her on Facebook here.