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On The Rise: ‘Ballers’ Anabelle Acosta Sizzles As Cable’s Hottest WAG


July 6, 2015

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Thanks to her head-turning role in HBO’s new series, “Ballers” which follows the lives of NFL players on and off the field, the Havana-born, New York City-raised Cuban actress Anabelle Acosta looks ready to score her own personal touchdown in Hollywood.

The 32-year-old Acosta studied at Juilliard before getting into modeling and acting before landing bit roles in “Supernatural”, “Perception” and “Castle” before landing the role of Annabella in the Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg-produced drama about fast cars, hot women and even faster money.

In the series, the die head New York Jets fan plays the faithful domestic partner of the hot-headed and troubled—yet talented—wide receiver Ricky Jerret(John David Washington). Being a woman living in a macho, misogynistic culture and exclusive society of two-timing partners and equally manipulative WAG’s(wife and girlfriend; to those not in the know), Acosta stated in The New York Daily News that female sports fans will love the show.

“My character’s man cheats on her. Lies to her a lot. She stays with him, but not in a weak way. She sees the good in him, but stands up for herself.”

Considering that the show deals with a lot of real-life issues such as brain concussions, bankruptcies and big-money contracts and cameos by real-life NFL stars such as star receivers Antonio Brown and DeSean Jackson in the pilot, “Ballers” has the real authenticity to address such issues not seen since ‘Any Given Sunday’ and the abruptly-cancelled cable drama ‘Playmakers’, as former Super Bowl champion running back Rashard Mendenhall—who retired at the age of 26—is a staff writer on the show.

With stunning and sexy exotic Latin looks, Acosta is winning both on and off the big screen as she has been linked to rapper Wiz Khalifa as his new girlfriend.

Talented and with looks to kill, Acosta is set to breakout in a big way in ‘Ballers’ as cable’s hottest new WAG.

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