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On The Rise: Melanie Chandra On ‘The Brink’ Of Stardom

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HBO has a long and respected reputation of producing quality programming. The Brink certainly lives up to the network’s high standards, and has gained quite a following since its premier.

At the core of the new series is a solid cast which features Jack Black and Tim Robbins. However, the emergence of Melanie Chandra has been one of the more rewarding aspects of HBO’s newest sensation.

It’s quite alright if you aren’t hip to the name of Melanie Chandra. The 29-year-old Indian-American actress and model is quite new to the Hollywood scene, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a taste of the spotlight before. Chandra has been featured as a model for numerous brands such as Kohls, Crocs, and Verizon. She has also made appearances on many TV shows and low-budget films.

Chandra didn’t start in the modeling, take good acting classes in Orlando and acting field. She was actually a very successful athlete, taking a spot on the United States Junior National Karate Team. Chandra was fortunate enough to attend Stanford University. She became a member of the school’s cheerleading squad, and near the end of her college career competed in the 2007 Miss India America contest.

It wasn’t until she started work at a prestigious consulting firm that Chandra decided to pursue acting and modeling, something which she started to fall in love with during her time at Stanford.

“I always focused on academics,” Chandra said while speaking to The Hindu. “But somewhere along the way I got a chance to emote through dance and comedy and started acting classes. That’s when I mustered the courage to quit my job and take up acting.”

It’s that courage that has gotten Kannokada to this point in her career. She is a rising star in the acting world. Along with her role on the Brink, she is slated to appear in the upcoming CBS drama, Code Black.

Be on the lookout for the talented Ms. Chandra, as she is on ‘The Brink’ of Hollywood stardom.

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