Online Tithing – It Makes Giving Back to Your Church a Lot Easier

Giving back to the world and paying it forward could lead a lot of people to a heart of caring and gratitude. Though we see a lot of people driven to donate in cash or in-kind to be able to show empathy and a helping hand during times in need, there are those who give even without the onset of any tragedies. They take the opportunity of being a member of their church to commit to giving tithes and pledges. This is a commitment most churchgoers abide by the heart.

Conventional Way of Giving

Tithing means giving a tenth of your income to the church. This is based on biblical teachings as a way of stewardship. Men of faith fulfill their Christian duties this way. It is sacrificing a portion of your financial income as a means of looking outside your own self and giving to others as a response to their needs. Many churches rely on the tithes given by their members to support their campaigns and projects which include feeding the poor, bible schools for children and other outreach programs.

Tithes, together with the offerings, are collected during Sunday services. A special portion of the whole service is allotted for this. This is usually done after the preaching, while singing, which depends on the format of the program as prescribed by a particular church. Some people give their tithes monthly or weekly, depending on their own volition.

Online Tithing

Most churches have causes directed at humanity to help and disciple. Aside from improving the lives of the people through giving donations, they lead people into a life of faith as well. The support of technology has been an essential platform for online giving for churches which leads to an increase of donations and funding they receive for their projects. Through integrating a system that accepts the transfer of funds through, they do not just enable giving of tithes easily but can also give information about their faith through videos of sermons and other religious activities.


Offerings and other Donations

It is not only through giving tithes that you could give back to your church. Tithe giving is a prescribed act of faith in the bible with a specific amount. Giving offerings is an act of giving anything way beyond that. Donations can be given as another expression of your generosity and can be given both in cash or in kind. When your church arranges an event in response to timely problems like giving to calamity victims, your offerings and donations are called to support the cause.

There are a lot of people who feel compassion and generosity when tragedy strikes while others do it even without one. Technology and the internet have made it possible for people to give back to their churches by way of doing it online. For believers, they don’t even wait for any necessary cause to give but instead fulfill their duties and devotion by giving their tithes faithfully.

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