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2017 NFL Mock Draft
2017 NFL Mock Draft NFL Sports

A Passionate But Uneducated Fan’s 2017 NFL Draft First Round Mock Draft

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Being a sports fan is a wonderful thing. Unlike weekly television shows, which go on hiatus for long stretches, there is never a down time in the sporting world. Yes, each sport has its season. But when one ends, another is just beginning.

So while it was sad to see the NFL season come to an end back in February, when the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons, there was a ray of light. The MLB season was getting ready to roll as Spring Training was underway. The college basketball world was gearing up for its stretch run. The NHL and NBA were each getting close to the close of their regular seasons.

Since that time, the North Carolina Tarheels won the NCAA Tournament. The MLB regular season has gotten underway. And the NHL and NBA started their postseasons. But now it is time for the NFL to jump back into the spotlight for a bit.

That is because the 2017 NFL Draft is nearly upon us. The first round will take place next Thursday, April 27th. While I do not follow college football very closely, I cannot help but get excited when the draft rolls around. It is always fun to see what players each team add to their rosters.

But even more importantly, it is always a fun time predicting each pick. And that is where a good mock draft comes into play. So while I am not the most informed fan in terms of knowing the players that will be selected, I am still a football fan. And the next few slides will run through my predictions for all 32 first round picks!

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