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It’s thoughtful. It’s pretty. It’s cruelty-free. It’s something they can actually use and have fun with. Introducing… Fizzin Bath Bombs!

Fizzin Bath Bombs_Ellie Binns- Inscriber Magazine_Vikki Lenola
The fizzing bath bombs are fun to use and create Instagram-worthy bath art.

Turning water into beautiful arrays of colour, Fizzin Bath Bombs uses only quality, good-for-you ingredients safe for sensitive skin. Locally sourced ingredients such as Epsom salts and essential oils are listed by each product on their site. Each ingredient is followed by details on their benefits. With charming names like Skittles, Unicorn, and Lady Million, the bath bombs are a hit with creative types, allowing them to create beautiful bath art. Hello, Instashot.

Fizzin Bath Bombs_Ellie Binns
The woman behind the Fizzin Bath Bombs craze, Ellie Binns and her adorable daughter Stevie.

After becoming a hit in Australia, Fizzin Bath Bombs announced highly-anticipated worldwide shipping. When famous comedian Christian Hull posted about them, they did a year’s worth of sales overnight. The following 2 weeks saw 3 years’ worth of sales. As of May this year, founder Ellie Binns has made this her full time job. Ellie started the business after becoming a stay at home mom. She’s now got her hands full working from home while she looks after her little one, Stevie, who is now 3.

Fizzin Bath Bombs Ellie Binns
Fizzin Bath Bomb gift set.

We love that $2 from every ‘His’ Bath Bomb sold in November is donated to the Movember foundation to help with men’s mental illness. Then there’s the coveted 12 Days of Christmas Gift Pack, which is especially popular to check off holiday gift lists. Other products include pretty and aromatic body scrubs, bath sprinkles, soaps, vegan body milks and more. They even have personalized gift packs and LQBTQI-friendly colouring books. And if none of this wholesome feel-good-do-good stuff that we love has caught your attention, check out their famous adult range.  People around the world are giving the gift of bath bombs that fizz out to reveal… sex toys!

Fizzin Bath Bombs Body Scrub 12 Days of Christmas
Body scrub by Fizzin Bath Bombs.

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