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Politics: The Non-Partisan Guide

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An Independent friend of mine wrote this the other day. I thought it was quite interesting. I do not totally agree with what he said, as my extensive research and work has led me to conclude that liberalism is nothing more than statist totalitarianism, but I think this is a passionate essay all voters interested in politics should read.

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Credits to my learned friend J:

Disgusting. That’s the only word I have for the US election, and to everyone spreading its inglorious spectacle around.

Unlike America, politics needs to be made great again.

Let me tell you this – politics is not low-brow entertainment, nor is a presidential debate akin to a Comedy Central roast. Politics is a pursuit, an affair, an obsession central to the preservation of a secure and functional society, to the amelioration of society, to the improvement of lives of people around us all. It is an intrinsically philosophical and rational study, and it is driven by a deep devotion – to moral ideals and the country.

When you reduce politics to the dumb, mundane form of brainless entertainment that you expect from reading tabloids, you’re not just changing the way in which politics is discussed. You’re changing the way in which the people approach politics, but most crucially, the way in which political actors approach politics. When debates, electoral campaigns, become more focused on the image and the show created by inflammatory comments and remarks and place less of an emphasis on the actually substance and quality of ideas being propagated, you’re playing with fire.

Look what happens when you play with politics like this! People develop scathing opinions of others with differing political views. Without respecting or crucially examining dissenting ideas, as is necessary and crucial for the stability of a functional democracy, we turn a blind ear to others and blindly pursue our ideals without questioning our beliefs. Liberals, conservatives, we are all guilty of this.

To my fellow citizens, both in Canada and the United States, I have but this to say – don’t turn on CNN and Fox News expecting to be triggered by the other candidate. Because when you do so, you become part of the problem. You feed into this disgusting and odious trend, of treating politics like trivial entertainment. Your reactions and treatment of political discourse directly impact how media sources and political actors treat our political system.

My advice? Shut up and listen. Liberals – listen to a Trump, Rubio, Bush, Cruz, Romney speech, and tune into what Fox News, Ben Shapiro, and my friend Liberty Lad have to say about society. Read some Hayek. Conservatives – check into CNN, the Washington Post, tune in onto John Oliver, and visit Clinton, Warren, Obama’s websites, visit European political websites and see what they believe about how our society should function. Read some Keynes. Though you may believe in what they say, try to understand their logic, their mode of reasoning, their worldview, and see them as people rather than idiots.

The only road to enlightenment is through continuous and rigorous self-examination of beliefs, and possessing an open mind to opinions and ideas different from yours. If you follow this path, not only you will reach enlightenment, but so will your community. Make politics the high, exalted calling of virtuous men and women whose passion and hearts are focused on serving their people and country, and making the world a better place.


Thank you to my good friend J!


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