Deep in the heart of Northern California, known by locals as the North States, there is a secessionist movement from California.  A growing number of North State residents in places such as in Redding, CA want to create their own state.

This state would be known as the Sate of Jefferson.

For years, many residents in the North State have grown weary of a lack of representation in California.  The North State provides most of the water for California, yet policies that are passed seem to help the people in other parts of the state while creating problems in the North.  These policies are seen as a hindrance to economic growth. As California works to create policies to protect the environment, which is important, the economy has been devastated in places such as Redding, making it destitute.

That is not the only grievance.

Laws passed have allowed for non-violent offenders to be let out of prisons early.  However, many of these people have been dumped into Redding creating a homeless problem that Redding or Shasta County does not have the resources to take care of.  This has contributed to the downward spiral of the economy of the North State.  An area that was once considered the 4th best place to live in the entire USA is now on the FBI list as the 5th most dangerous place for women.

The frustration that these policies caused, created a movement in 2013 to start the State of Jefferson.

People in the North State believe that it is necessary in order to get proper representation in a state where it seems that their problems go mostly unnoticed.

Being curious about this movement, since I am a native of the area.  I decided to go to a State of Jefferson meeting in order to see what drives the people behind the movement.

So what do the proponents of the State of Jefferson want?  They want strict adherence to the Constitution.  It seems that this is reasonable.  However, I am not sure where California has violated the Constitution.  Some say that this boils down to the Second Amendment.  Many see the assault weapons ban, as well as limiting clips to only 10 bullets as an attack on the Second Amendment.  California took these drastic measures due to the proliferation of gang violence as well as the potential for the police to be outgunned.

Personally, I am against the ban for larger clips and ‘assault weapons’.  The criminals will get them anyways and the law-abiding citizens will be outgunned.  If the State of Jefferson was created, this would not be an issue.  If someone wanted a 50 or a 100 round clip, they could have it.

The State of Jefferson wants to have smaller government that is business friendly.

This can be a good thing.  For example, the State of Jefferson could make it easy to incorporate a business here, following in Delaware’s footsteps.  Also, they could attract manufacturing jobs.  I am just concerned if they will care about environmental issues.  If making money is more important than protecting the environment, then there is a problem.  The people would need to understand that by becoming sustainable they can actually increase their profits.

Either way, more businesses need to be recruited to come into the area.  The area is financially destitute.

The State of Jefferson wants a part-time legislature with fewer regulations.  I think creating a new state would require legislature working overtime.  Also, some regulations are way overboard like taxing people $.50 a mile if they drive over a certain amount of miles.  Also they want to do away with the taxes that add $.70 to the price per gallon of gas.

This would include not having any fuel mileage meters.

Private water rights would be restored and there would be no meters on water wells.  Also any mineral or oil rights claimed on private lands would belong to the owner and not the state.

There would be no 3-way bathrooms in public schools.  This is a big issue in California and now nationally. The State of Jefferson would enforce immigration laws and protect their borders.  So if someone is an undocumented immigrant, they would be deported.

The main issue is that there is a lack of representation both in the State and Federally.  People in the North State feel as if the State of California or the American government can care less about them or their needs.

The premise is very Libertarian.  The idea of the State of Jefferson is not without precedence.  There was going to be a vote 2 days after the Pearl Harbor attack to create the State of Jefferson but after the country was invaded, the vote was left on hold and forgotten about.

I can understand why some people feel disenfranchised by California.

In a state of over 40 Million people, it is hard to take care of everyone everywhere, and make everyone happy.

However, I do have a few concerns.

Will the environment be taken care of?  Where will we get the funding to create a new Highway Patrol?  Will we have the money necessary to create a university system?  Will we be able to support our economic system?  How can we fund our programs?  Shasta County has an extremely high unemployment rate, and due to the weather and social programs, people from all over the country come here for our social programs.  We currently spend more than we take in economically.

How can we support our communities?  When I find out more answers to these questions I will update my readers. I will also keep everyone updated on the State of Jefferson movement going forward, as currently there is momentum for the State of Jefferson to be created.