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Whoever says shopping should not be among the most important parts of your holiday is definitely wrong. No matter what destination you might choose for your holiday- shopping is something you cannot avoid during your journey, as later you will desire to have something from every place you travelled to? When in Geneva, shopping enthusiasts will begin looking for the best shopping places right after getting off their Geneva airport transfer. We provide you the best guide you can keep in your pocket when embarking on a journey to Geneva, regarding the outlets, shopping malls and boutiques you can find there. Popular Outlets in Geneva If you desire to buy quality designer items at reasonable prices, you do not necessarily need to go to those luxurious shops in the city center. You can find amazing pieces of clothing in popular outlets such as Mouton A Cing Pattes outlet, a place that provides trading complex clothes and accessories at good prices, even during the off-season. You can find more popular outlets along the streets of Geneva and you’ll be impressed of how crowded these places are all year round.   Best Shopping Places in Geneva When speaking about the best shopping centers in Geneva, every local person will advise you to visit Cornavin. Located under the railway station with the same name, this place has everything you desire, from clothing to footwear shops to cafes and souvenir shops. The prices are really affordable and the quality of the products is quite good. Another famous shopping center is Plainpalais Flea market, which runs only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The diversity you’ll find here will definitely impress you: CDs, vintage items, fancy accessories and computer equipment are only some of the products this market displays. If you can afford buying luxurious accessories from famous brands, Piaget, Baume & Mercier, TAG, Rado and others display amazing pieces of jewelry and other goods for every visitor who spare no expense for such products.  Another such prestigious department store is Bon Genie, where you will find famous brands such as Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and others. You’ll be surrounded here by cosmetics, perfumery and fancy clothes at every step, but you should expect them to come at high prices as well. Boutiques in Geneva Boutiques in Geneva make sure that every visitor leaves this city with meaningful souvenirs that will make them come back sooner than they’ve planned. Rohr family store offers a huge variety of chocolate you can choose from, Longemalle displays high quality souvenirs such as pictures, knives, T-shirts and postcards and, along the way, you’ll find many other small, yet fancy boutiques that will catch your eye. As you can see, Geneva has a large variety of shops designed to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Absolutely all travelers can afford shopping in this wonderful city, as there are so many opportunities to window shop and choose the best products to remind you of Geneva.–2552151.htm  

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