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Quick Guide: How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed?


What can be worst than missing out on your favorite Netflix drama because your Wi-Fi couldn’t prove to your expectations? Saddening, isn’t it.

But wait! You still have a chance to make your Wi-Fi perform the way you ever wanted. The hacks mentioned in this blog will save your anger and boost your Wi-Fi signals like never before. Be it your office or home; these hacks will definitely work wonders.

All hacks, as stated here, are from expert technical support at Mywifiext. So, without much ado, let us start learning hacks one by one.

1. Its all about the right place

Yes, even if you don’t get the right spot in your own home, but your Wi-Fi router will likely demand one. You cannot just shove it up under the kitchen sink or in the basement. It has to be in a place where Wi-Fi signals are reachable with lesser or no hindrance at all.

A suitable place could be the center of your home or the topmost floor. A thick wall and densely packed room could hinder the strength of Wi-Fi by making it weak.

2. Accessorize it with stronger antenna

An antenna works as a receiver and sender. Stronger the antenna, Stronger will be the received signal. So, if your Wi-Fi has a hard time delivering strong signals, then try to replace the antenna. You can replace the router’s antenna with a 10-dB antenna, which is at least 15 inches tall.

Note: You don’t require technical knowledge for installing a new antenna. Just buy online and D0-It-Yourself. Smooth as a cakewalk, right?!

3. Switch your Wi-Fi router to a different channel

Like highways, like Wi-Fi router. If stuck in heavy traffic, you tend to change the lane, right? It is the same with a Wi-Fi router, as well. If you aren’t getting good signals within the present channel, tune it to a different one.

Many countries have a total of six non-overlapping channels including, 1,6,11 and 14. Users generally set their Wi-Fi router to channel 1 or channel 6. Others are left empty with better signal strength.

4. Buy a companion for router

Loneliness can make anybody’s life dull even if it is a Wi-Fi router (Jokes apart). For better working Wi-Fi, you can adjoin router with an extender (people may call it booster or repeater as well). The extender has a simple task of amplifying the signal and transmitting it again.

Initially, you may have to spend $100 for its purchase and installation, and later you will not regret it. With this hardware update, Wi-Fi will perform no less than a power ranger in its mode.

5. Cut down the list of Wi-Fi user

If you can understand the demand-supply graph, you can surely understand what this point has to convey. If the demand is all-time high with restricted supply, people will have bad experiences. Therefore, cut-off the Wi-Fi parasites sucking your strength for no use.

Encrypt it with a strong password and stop doing charity (often giving access to anybody). Even if you cannot resist helping others, set a limit.

Note: Change the Wi-Fi password often to reduce autoconnection.

6. Buy a new Wi-Fi technology

You skip a year; new technology is already in the market! So, if you have been sticking to an older version of the WI-FI router, then replace it with a new one. The latest released technology, IEEE 802.11ac, works superficially and provides lightning-fast download and upload.

However, do a compatibility check before buying the new technology. Your Desktop computer, laptop, and other smartphone devices must comply with this latest wireless standard IEEE802.11ac.

7. Reboot to reset its performance

Last but not least, reboot it. From the wisdom of an IT guy, ‘if your electronic item does not work, switch it off and on.’ Simple as it may seem! Rebooting your device may strengthen the signal and improve its performance. Reboot will clear its cache and update it according to the latest parameter released by the parent company.

Wi-Fi, also known as wireless fidelity, is prone to receive interference if not kept at the right place or in a dense area. Therefore, place it right and follow the ways mentioned above to strengthen its performance. You can also consult an expert from Mywifiext.net. Experts here have a vast knowledge of Netgear extenders and their installation. 

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