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Rare Animal Species like the Two Headed Sharks

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By Carol Trehearn

The recent spate of two headed shark sightings as reported by news websites like worldreportnow.com have brought to our notice various mutations and rare species in the animal kingdom.

The two headed shark is most commonly borne by the blue shark species and the recent sightings have mostly happened in the West Mediterranean area as per authoritative websites like National Geographic.

The recent increase in sightings has not only led to lots of new research in the area to find out the cause of the genetic anomalies at play, but it has also led to a discussion of various other rare species in the animal kingdom, from all over the world. So take a look at this list to know more!

– Norther Hairy Nose Wombat: As per Buzzfeed , this species is most commonly found in Queensland, Australia. The Epping Forest National Park is teeming with this species which has small snouts with overgrown whisker like strands of hair. This animal looks like a cross between a mole, a small piglet and a bat! As per the website, one can find 115 wombats living in the wilderness here – and nowhere else in the world! Apparently, the nose is one of the most important features of this mammal which has poor eyesight. Due to this reason, its nose is blessed with stellar survival instinct.

– Three Toed Pygmy Sloth: With only 79 of these species in the wild, the Panama strip is the only place in the world where you can find this three toed pygmy sloth. Much like the two headed shark, its three toes have come about due to a rare genetic mutation that scientists are still not able to explain. This species can be found on a small island off the coast of Panama.

– Angel Shark: Much like the two headed shark, this one too can be found in the Mediterranean waters. The commercial fishing industry has been credited with bringing down their numbers and now these angel sharks with their flat faces and cap like tops are a rare and almost extinct species. They can also be found in the Canary Islands and near the Black Sea. The beauty of this species is that it can camouflage itself very well on the bed of the sea, waiting to prey on the smaller fish that would dare to unknowingly swim by it.

– Elephant Shrew: The Boni Giant Sengi or the Elephant Shrew is a Kenyan species that looks like a cross between a sloth and a mole. This animal has a long snout which looks rather strange on its body, much like the two heads of the shark. Due to the destruction of the forest which it calls home, this one is now almost a rare species in the area now.

There are a number of species like the two headed sharks which are fast becoming extinct, yet the two headed shark itself has been sighted more frequently since 2008, in the choppy waters of the Mediterranean.

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