The pandemic is far from over. While many offices have decided to postpone their in-office return until January 2022, many employees are heading back to work after Labor Day. Return-to-office plans also mean revisiting the topic of re-masking.

While existing data is limited, many offices are implementing a mask mandate that requires face coverings for every individual in the workplace (e.g., visitors, customers, non-employees, vendors, etc.) – even vaccinated employees. Not surprising since the Delta variant is highly contagious. Two times as contagious, in fact, as previous variants.

While masks are necessary to prevent the virus from spreading, they don’t come without their challenges. For example, masks take away from our ability to communicate and show facial expressions and make it hard to hear what managers, clients and colleagues say.

Masks often make it challenging to get someone’s attention, require us to talk louder and use our hands and body language more. Many people feel anxious, claustrophobic and panicky in a mask, while others are just plain uncomfortable, hot and sweaty. Some people are even concerned about displaying a negative body image. Some dislike materials touching their skin and the closeness of a mask touching their face cause their eyewear to fog up. Others are still searching for the right mask that won’t smear their lipstick or irrigate facial blemishes or acne.

As the U.S. continues inching toward re-masking, now is a good time to relook at masks that are new to the market. Of course, we’re familiar with the traditional cloth, disposable and KN95’s, but what’s new? Here is a unique mask that makes the invisible visible.

Mingle Mask is the world’s first-to-market invisible face mask that is extremely comfortable to wear all day long. The one-size-fits-all face mask has an innovative chin guard that comfortably rests against the face, ensuring eyeglasses never fog up and smiles are always visible. The chin guard also helps keep material away from the face, making it easy to wear lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss and keeping the face cooler. The new eco-friendly masks are already hugely popular because of their ability to show people’s facial expressions and emotions at an affordable price.

Mingle Mask is the ideal transitional mask for the office for employees who still want protection but don’t require a medical-grade mask. The transparent plastic barrier stops the wearer from spreading droplets to other people. The mask covers the face and nose, making it easy to breathe and talk without sacrificing safety.

In addition to making office communication more manageable, the highly breathable masks use Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved reusable and recyclable materials. Each mask is lightweight, includes comfortable ear hook holders designed for long-term wear and is easy to clean and sanitize in-between uses.

Mingle Mask is also perfect for consumers who want to reduce health concerns such as pollution and flu exposure, protect themselves from new COVID variants, attend large social gatherings like networking events, meetings and trade shows.

Mingle Mask offers a limited-edition six-pack with colored adjustable strings for $12.99. The masks are also available in a 10-pack for $14.99, a 25-pack for $33.99 or a 50-pack for $54.99 at To meet the needs of employers throughout North America, Mingle Mask offers a bulk purchase program.

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