Tips for Purchasing the Best Yet Affordable and Elegant Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be one of the most difficult things you can do as a man in a long-term loving relationship with your girlfriend. This is because there are many things to consider in buying an engagement ring. Some may argue that material possessions are unimportant since, after all, what matters in a relationship is the bond and love which both partners feel for each other. But with all the attention and love a woman gives to her spouse, a woman truly deserves the greatest thing in the world. So, choosing the perfect engagement ring for your woman is one of the ways of appreciating her effort

Moreover, to assist you in your search for a beautiful engagement ring for your woman, we have provided the Tips for Purchasing the Best Yet Affordable and Elegant Engagement Ring in this post.

Establish A Budget Plan

One of the recommendations is to establish a budget since the budget is the main thing to consider when selecting and purchasing an engagement ring. Moreover, the majority of engagement rings in the market are costly. So, establishing your budget ahead of time may prevent you from getting anxious when visiting a jewelry store to choose and buy an engagement ring.

Furthermore, some jewelry stores may give you particular guidelines to follow when purchasing an engagement ring. However, there are times when you shouldn’t follow their suggestions. This can be their marketing strategy to sell expensive rings to their clients. So, it is best to stick to your established budget plan in purchasing an engagement ring because there are still some gorgeous yet inexpensive engagement rings in the market.

Conduct Your Own Research

After establishing your budget plan, it is now time to conduct a bit of research about engagement rings, such as their components, price, and features. Also, you might want to include what your girlfriend likes or what ring suits her the best.

Furthermore, you may do your research through the internet or through visiting jewelry stores, which is much better for you may be able to see the ring, know its price, discuss it with an expert, and think if it would suit your girlfriend. 

Know Her Style

Now, an engagement ring is not all about its structure and features; it is also about the person to whom you are offering it. Hence, you should eagerly know the likes and style of the woman whom you are proposing. So, how will you know her style? 

Well, there are numerous things to know about her style, including how she dresses, her clothing collection, and her jewelry. However, you can directly ask her without noticing your surprise proposal or ask some of her close friends or families.

Consider the Different Setting of Rings

Although a ring with a diamond on top is one of the typical engagement rings that many people choose, it is far preferable to consider the other different settings and designs of rings. So, to assist you, we have gathered a handful of the other various ring settings in this area.

Prong Engagement Ring Setting

It is perhaps the most common engagement ring setting, with 3 to 6 claws that act as a basket and a location to attach a piece of stone such as a diamond. In addition, prong settings might be pointy, circular, plain, or V-form.

Furthermore, the preferred number of claws in this ring setting is 4, which emphasizes the beauty of the diamond on top.

Tiffany Engagement Ring Setting

This simple ring setting has six claws that elevate the stone above, which reflects through the light, is created by Tiffany & Co. This setting is a great setting for highlighting the brightness of a diamond’s sparkle. Moreover, this also has become one of the most famous engagement ring settings nowadays.

Bezel Engagement Ring Setting

One of the ring settings with a distinct design and form is the bezel setting. It lacks prongs or claws to secure the stone atop the ring. Instead, this bezel setting frames the diamond with a tiny handcrafted bezel frame to secure the stone securely in rest. Moreover, this setting is amongst the most resilient engagement rings on the market.

Halo/Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Now, if you prefer an exclusive and special ring setting, the hidden halo engagement ring is ideal for you. It usually has four claws that hold a diamond stone firmly on the top. And, aside from the prongs and diamond, the special feature of this ring setting is that below the diamond stone is encircled by tiny diamonds forming like a halo, making it its name hidden halo engagement ring setting.

Choosing the Engagement Ring

After acquiring all the knowledge about engagement rings, you will now come to the point of choosing the engagement ring of your choice to present and give to your soon-to-be fiancé. However, in finally choosing an engagement ring, you still need to consider your budget, girlfriend’s style, and the best engagement ring setting.


Choosing and purchasing an engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancé is somewhat tough, especially if you do not have information about engagement rings, budget, and suggestions to follow in purchasing one. Therefore, it is much preferable to research to make it easy. The most valuable thing in the world, though, is the love and connection that you and your partner enjoy.

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