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Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day: Fashion Tips For A Day At The Races


February 23, 2017

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Nothing beats a fun day at the races. It’s a golden opportunity to dress up, have a few drinks, and place some bets on the horses.

You can’t beat the excitement of watching horses thunder down the final furlong as the crowd goes wild. It’s also pretty exciting if you put some money on the leading horse to win!

If you want a fun day at the races, with your friends or partner, it’s best to head to one of the more high profile events on the racing calendar.

The Cheltenham Festival is a good example, but Royal Ascot and the Grand National are good alternatives.

If none of these appeal, check out the local race calendar for your nearest racecourse. There’s bound to be a Ladies Day fixture you can attend. You don’t need to buy tickets in advance – just turn up on the day and buy a ticket for the paddock or stands, depending on the weather.

So now we have persuaded you that a day at the races is fun, what on earth should you wear?

Check the Dress Code

Race day is a chance to dress up. It’s not always obligatory, although some fixtures do have a dress code, so it’s best to check this before you go. For example, if you decide to go to Royal Ascot, the dress code is “formal”, so ladies are expected to wear formal wear with a hat or fascinator.

The dress code for other events on the racing calendar is less formal, but you still need to dress appropriately, i.e. don’t wear anything too revealing or turn up in fancy dress. The stewards do have the right to turn people away if they don’t meet the dress code, so bear this in mind.

Dress for the Weather

Many racing fixtures – in particularly events on the National Hunt calendar – take place over winter. Standing in the paddock on race day is likely to be cold. As such, it is wise to dress appropriately, as watching the races in a summer dress when it’s cold and windy is not much fun.

For winter fixtures, consider a smart pair of trousers, boots, a sweater, a thick coat, and a fur hat. The only exception is when you have tickets to one of the hospitality boxes, which are in the stands and therefore enclosed.

Summer Race Day

Everyone loves a day at the races when the sun is shining and it’s nice and hot. However, you still need to dress appropriately. For ladies day, wear a gorgeous dress with a matching hat.

Heels are OK for the stands, but they will sink into the grass if you’re standing in the paddock area, so a pair of wedges might be a better choice. Don’t forget to apply plenty of sun cream, as sunburn is no fun at all. It’s also a good idea to take a lightweight jacket or wrap in case it cools off at any point.

Hat or No Hat

For many women, a day at the races is an excuse to wear a hat. After all, apart from weddings, there are not many occasions where it is appropriate to wear a hat. You can wear any type of hat to the races, but for high-profile events, you can really push the boat out with a fancy hat.

At Royal Ascot, for example, racegoers wear all kinds of weird and wacky hats and headpieces, as they know it attracts the attention of the media. If you don’t want to stand out, stick to a simple fascinator or stylish headpiece instead.

With the right outfit, you will have a fantastic day. Don’t forget to check out the Ladies day 2017- Betting details by freebets.co.uk to place some wagers beforehand, and take some great photos for social media!

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