Oh how the mighty have fallen. Russell Wilson WAS one of the prized quarterbacks in the league. Not just with his play on the field, but what he has done for the community of King County.

And now, the King of King County, may be the ruler of Cook County.

Why do I say that? Because I feel Russell Wilson will be headed to Chicago in a trade. He said himself that he would be “Fine” with accepting a trade to the Chicago Bears.

Now that Dak Prescott got his mega deal, and Wilson’s is about to run out, Wilson wants out. Wild that after some ten years he finally speaks up.

Trouble is, Wilson is speaking up too late and the Seahawks are turning a deaf ear. Wilson has not been right since he threw THE interception to Malcom Butler in Super Bowl XLIX. A case where Pete Carroll FAILED him.

Dak got paid. Deshaun will get paid. And Russell will get traded. Wilson and his talent will get traded and then get paid and Wilson has all the leverage. His play on the field speaks for itself.

It’s time for Wilson to get a breath of fresh air considering the fact he hasn’t had a dependable running back since Marshawn Lynch. Nor a great line since that time. Aside of Cam Newton, a QB that gets hit, sacked, hurried, and scrambles a lot for his life is Russell Wilson. A move to the windy city just may be what Russell and his family nneeds.

Chicago Bears Organization on Line 1 – URGENT

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