It seems that we are now getting what happened when the United States Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and other swimmers were “robbed.” On the same day that Ryan Lochte apologized for what happened, one of his teammates gave the public some detail on what happened that morning. Gunnar Bentz said on Friday that men with badges pulled guns on them and ordered them to pay money to leave the scene.

This statement describes how Lochte, who happens to be a 12-time medalist, initially said the swimmers were robbed. He was the member of the group who damaged the property and argued with armed men who were security guards.

He continued to say that the swimmer was being ordered out of a cab and was sitting on a curb as the security guards were holding their guns. It was at this point that Lochte stood up and got into a heated argument with the guards. As I keep hearing more about this story, I want to know one huge thing, how stupid is Ryan Lochte.

If I were not sure, I would have thought this was a plot for a movie. This does not seem like a sports story. As the statement from Bentz went on, the guards demanded that the swimmers give them money to leave the scene. After the guards were paid, they would go ahead and lower their weapons.

Earlier on in the week, Ryan Lochte said on Twitter and in a television interview with NBC that they were robbed after getting out the cab. After it had been found that the story Lochte would give was false, it brought on a ton of legal problems.

It is gotten real bad that a source told CNN contributor Christine Brennan that they expect Ryan Lochte to be suspended at some point. This does not come as a surprise because he was not detained in Rio as he was back in the United States once the news broke. What I am curious to see is how long will this suspension last, is it just for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo or is this going to be much longer.