“After choosing entrepreneurship as a career path, I figured out pretty quickly that it is not for the easily dissuaded,” says Patrick. “Luckily, I have never been easily dissuaded,” a sly smirk dawns on his face as he finishes the sentence. That smirk is symbolic of the struggles, failures, obstacles, accomplishments, and lessons that Patrick has learned throughout his life. He has emerged as a successful serial entrepreneur against all odds, and with no end to his dream, he continues to grow bit by bit every day.

Patrick has led a range of companies so far and is currently leading around five tech ventures, with SaaS Partners being a prominent one, among others. With his acclaimed tactics of growing profitable businesses, he has grown revenues of over $3 million for SaaS Partners in just four years. Not to mention, Patrick has also led four other businesses past the $1 million in revenue mark during the same period.

So after observing him bagging immense success in just a few years, one might ask, does Patrick have Aladdin’s magic lamp? Well, it is contingent on what you believe Aladdin’s lamp to be. For Mr. Parker, it is books, experiences and failures, well-earned business strategies, and above all, the Bible.

“Books saved me from my struggles,” says Patrick while recalling the experiences prompting revolution in his life. Patrick says he started reading fiction to escape initially but then moved on to reading books about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and personal development. “But I was still empty inside,” he said, adding that the void was finally filled after he started reading the Bible. To date, he hasn’t skipped out on the habit of reading books and attributes much of his success to learning from other people sharing their experiences.

Moreover, Patrick also believes failures to be an excellent source of guidance throughout his life. “I have probably learned a lot more from my failures than I ever have from my successful ventures,” says Mr. Parker. He gives a few instances: he learned the importance of cash flow when he lost $25K overnight in a concert promotion business. Similarly, at 23, he learned the importance of storytelling and effective communication when he failed to scale his web design company in the early 2000s.

Other than that, he also attaches other factors to his success in building businesses. Patrick says that the formula to serious scale includes building momentum, partnering well, and maintaining a human-centered approach to business design. Growing up around the tech community, he emphasizes that getting heavy on automation plays a decisive role in determining the fate of one’s business.

“Automation allows entrepreneurs to shift focus to activities where human interaction is irreplaceable,” believes Patrick. And he has proven that in every part of his career as a SaaS entrepreneur.

Though it is nearly impossible to sum up everything that has contributed to building the Patrick Parker we see today, the above-mentioned things provide a glimpse of the profound personality Patrick has weaved around himself. To many entrepreneurs around the world, he continues to be a great inspiration, and with his dreams higher than mountain tops, one can only imagine if there’s any stopping to his seemingly limitless ambitions.




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