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Seattle Seahawks WR Paul Richardson
Seattle Seahawks - Wide Receiver, Paul Richardson
NFL Preview Edition Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks: Breakout Candidate – WR Paul Richardson

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I could have gone with multiple players for this piece. However, in true breakout fashion, I am going to go with a player that is under the radar. The player I am going to go with is Seattle Seahawks WR Paul Richardson.

Due to injuries, he has not had the opportunity to stay on the field. This will also mark his last chance to prove that he has staying power in the NFL and can become the Seahawks third WR.  He is not a tall WR but he is extremely fast and has shown flashes of greatness in the 2016 Postseason. He has gotten better with his route running and is showing signs of improvement. If he can stay healthy, he can have a great season for the Seahawks.

During his college days, at the University of Colorado, Paul Richardson had some decent seasons. Freshmen year he had 34 catches for 514 yards and 6 TDs. Sophomore year he had 39 catches for 555 yards and 5 TDs but his junior year is where he began to take off. He had 83 Catches for 1343 yards and 10 TDs.  He was the healthiest he had ever been in his senior year in College. If he can return to that form then when he steps on that field he will be able to take the top off defenses.

The reason he will succeed is that of Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham and the suddenly improved rushing offense of the Seattle Seahawks. Defenses will have to worry about those players and this will give Paul Richardson many options over the top for Russell Wilson to hit him. If he does get behind the defenders this will make the Seahawks offense that much better. If they get better than they will improve from their last season record and playoff run.  He is definitely the player to watch on this offense.

Editor’s Note: This article can also be seen in our upcoming NFL Preview Edition.

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