Falesha Raquel is the author of the #1 selling book on Amazon, “Her Vision: USING THE D.I.V.A. FRAMEWORK FOR AN INSPIRED LIFE AND BUSINESS”. She is a serial entrepreneur, author, entertainer, builder, and real estate broker. Falesha is a mentor and a great leader for thousands of people who want to get ahead in business and entertainment.

In Her Vision, Falesha relates her experiences and knowledge as an artist and entrepreneur so readers can see how anything but the ordinary can lead to success. The reader can use the DIVA framework to shift their mindset, master their craft, build a successful business, and master relationships in the business world. She invites the readers to take on new challenges by permitting themselves to fail, then try again to overcome obstacles that stand in the way, “Go big with your dreams!”.

Falesha tells her readers the secret of her success: persistence. Persistence is one of the things that can help people succeed in their professional and personal lives. A person will be severely limited to grow as a person without persistence, and the chances of achieving success, wealth, and happiness will also be severely restricted. An indicator of persistence is the willingness to face challenges. Falesha explains that striving for consistency is one of the most important traits to develop in life because it is closely linked to personal growth and development.

In her book, Falesha also describes that her determination to achieve her goals is also what has led to her success; she becomes unstoppable when she sets her mind to something. Falesha believes that this goal-oriented approach is what has enabled her to successfully achieve her goals and become the successful serial entrepreneur she is today. In order to increase your chances of success in a particular endeavor or goal, you must be determined like her.

Her Vision is a fascinating insight into how one should view the world and work on their character to be successful in life. The life examples and simple language in the book are readable for anyone who is in pursuit to become an entrepreneur.

Ultimately, Falesha hopes to become a globally recognized individual who contributes to helping her community to develop the skills required in real estate and to help educate citizens about financial literacy through her book.


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