In the world that we live in today, it is no secret that men desire to satisfy their women in bed. People are out seeking for the best way how to satisfy her needs so as to ensure that she is happy. It is also no secret that a lot of men face erectile dysfunction of some varying form.

Erectile dysfunction refers to the complete inability to achieve or sustain an erection. Another common problem that a lot of men face is premature ejaculation. This refers to the attainment of orgasm for a man which results in the release of sperm and semen before penetration or shortly after penetration before their partner attains orgasm. This is a big challenge to most relationships and can drive a rift if not addressed fast and conclusively.

In as much as the aforementioned challenges may be there, one needs to learn of ways and means to handle the said challenges to ensure that she is satisfied all the same.

Sex positions

One of the best ways to ensure her satisfaction is to try out sex positions that put maximum pleasure on the G-spot. This ensures that she is satisfied, even when the sex may not last long. One of the easiest and most effective sex positions is the missionary position. To get even more pressure to the g-spot, try placing a pillow under her buttocks. You could also try lifting her legs such that there is maximum pressure making contact to the g-spot. Spooning is yet another very effective position that can help you get to her g-spot and ensure that you pleasure her best. It is important to note that in as much as the said positions may help, seek feedback from your partner and how they feel.

Going down on her

Another strategy to use is to go down on her and pleasure her with your tongue. This is a great way of rocking her world and works great for men with premature ejaculation. It goes without saying that when you pleasure her well, she might just reciprocate and you get some head as well, a win – win situation which makes sure you are both happy. This is also a good surprise for her if you have never done it. She might just be blown out of her mind.

Clitoral stimulation

A lot of women will respond to clitoral stimulation better than vaginal stimulation. This means that you can work on pleasuring her clitoris to get her to orgasm. This is easily done using fingers, the tongue, a sex toy or even the penis as the man will have better control of the penis when penetration is not occurring. This is also a sure way to have her scream your name. Please note that the clitoris is a very sensitive part of the female anatomy and as such, you only need to apply mild pressure on it if any. Placing undue pressure on the clitoris may result in discomfort or even pain.

Set the mood early

A lot of men fail to realize that the mood for sex ought to be set early on for it to be effective. Women tend to be slow to switching on their feelings. It is there paramount that one sets the mood for sex even before you get to the bedroom. As such, you need to turn her on before you get into the bedroom. Wine her, dine her, surprise her and show that you care for her. All these help in setting the mood for a great sex time with her. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, this time that you are spending in wooing her can also be used by taking the top male enhancement pills which will help you later on when you get into the bedroom.

There are many enhancement pills that one can make use of in the market to ensure that they perform to their best capability when the chance arises. It is important to choose a product whose ingredients are natural products. This limits the negative side effects that one can feel after their use. It is also important in that the continued use of these products may result in the natural kick-starting of the body’s sex system and erectile dysfunction becomes a thing of the past.

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