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Sex: How To Make 2017 Hot and Naughty


January 4, 2017

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By David Gomes

With 2016 coming to a close, we tend to take up stock of our lives, the achievements we were able to reach in the past year as well as the achievements that we were not able to reach out and how best we can achieve the said goals in the coming year.

One question however stands unanswered. How best can you enjoy the coming year, with regards to your relationship and sex for that matter?

When it gets to this, we get to start thinking critically and for most people, we barely take stock of our relationships, leave alone sex for that matter. Below are some tips to help you move into 2017 hot into your relationship and with a tinge of naughty.


Whether you are in a new relationship or an old one, there is no denying that dating is one of the ways to keep connected to your partner at an emotional level. In so doing, you get to learn more about the world of your partner and more about what makes them tick.

Go out on a romantic date and share a meal. If you are not into that, why not take a walk with your partner, or go to the movies, or just go out on a picnic date. The possibilities are endless and the results are immense, in that you get to learn and understand your partner more each day.

Get engaged in fun activities

After dating for a while, you may feel as if the spark is wearing off and it is at this time that you may have to work at your relationship. To bring sexy back, naughty and hot, you should strive to work even harder when you feel that the relationship may not be working. Get engaged in your partner’s day. Help out while in the house.

In so doing, you strengthen the bond and your partner feels quite at peace with themselves. Go out together and take a walk, shop together and find new ways of engaging in each other’s lives. IF you are into exercise, do this together. This may get back to being the best time as you improve your sex life as well. When this is done, there is no disputing that there is no way of getting into her pants as she will be feeling you already.

Sex moves

IF you have been having sex with the same two or three moves for a while, there is no disputing that this may tend to get quite boring. This is a big challenge to a lot of people, especially those that may not know how to get naughty afresh.

IT is however in order to research about various sex moves that one can get to enjoy. Research as there are numerous sex moves that you can pull out for your partner which will appeal to them. A lot of women love surprises and you can just imagine her face when you pull out a move for the New Year. She will be over the moon about it.

Role Play in the bedroom

Make your bedroom a new haven where everyone may take an abstract identity they desire and go with it. Role playing helps one satisfy various fantasies that they may have had in their lives. It also makes things quite interesting and avoids boredom that may have cropped up in time. This may help bulk up the progress in Kegel exercises for men.

Spoil yourself

In as much as life may be hard, it is quite important that one gets to enjoy time off by spoiling themselves. Studies have shown that this helps with bonding.

Take your date to a night off and book into a fancy hotel room, order some fancy wine and food in the room as you get to enjoy a splash of lavish. This helps to spice off things between the two of you and you get to enjoy an amazing time. Do try out this and get to enjoy an amazing time with your partner.


It is also a fact of life that a lot of men may have problems with their sexual response cycle. This mainly revolves around erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation. This is a problem caused by a low level of testosterone which occurs as one ages.

Choose to use a natural enhancement product that can help reverse the said changes. One great product to make use of is Spartagen XT. This is a male enhancement product that is based on natural products and can help enhance one’s life. Get to enjoy an amazing time when using this product. Do have a merry little Christmas and a naughty, hottie new year.

Author Bio: David Gomes completed his M.S Professional degree in California Institute of Technology. He lives in Oakland, California, USA. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as joint health, weight loss, beauty and skin care for blogs and on-line publication sites. He also loves latest technology, gadgets. You can connect with him on Google+ and Twitter.

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