Before season seven of Showtime’s hit series Shameless started about a month and a half ago, fans had a lot of questions about former fan favorites who’s status with the show was not known. Fiona’s former love interest Jimmy-Steve was one of those characters, and as of this moment, there are no signs of him making a comeback. But another former love interest of a different Gallagher (Ian to be specific), has been confirmed to make his return. I am of course referring to Mickey Milkovich.

A few weeks back it was reported Noel Fisher, who plays Mickey on the show, would be making a late season return. You can read about it here. The last time fans saw Mickey, he was in jail facing a long time behind bars as Ian seemingly broke up with him. That was back on the season première of season six, and we have not seen him since. But now we are only a few more episodes away from seeing everyone’s favorite criminal again on Shameless.

This past Sunday saw the sixth episode of season seven, and the return of Mickey will be brought up in episode nine, but his actually on-screen appearance may be saved until episode 10. It will be interesting to see if Mickey has found his way out of prison. While that remains up in the air, one thing is fairly clear: his return will surely raise a lot of questions for Ian.

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Since breaking up with Mickey at the start of last season, Ian has been in a state of flux in regards to relationships. Ian had Caleb for a while, and that seemed like a very positive and healthy relationship. But the start of this season revealed Caleb was playing both fields, as he was sleeping with an old high school girlfriend. Ian felt betrayed and moved on from Caleb. Then Trevor came into the picture.

Upon meeting Trevor, Ian was very into him. Then he learned Trevor was transgender, and not simply gay. This left Ian extremely confused and with a ton of questions. As the episodes have gone on, Trevor has grown more eager get in bed with Ian, while Ian wanted to remain friends. The latest episode saw Ian finally start to give into his feelings for Trevor, even if the two have a few things to work out when it comes to who is going to be “on top”.

Now let’s bring Mickey into back into the picture. Mickey was by far Ian’s most popular boyfriend, with fans giving them the name “Gallavich”. How will Ian react to seeing his former love interest once again? With having some hesitations with Trevor given he is transgender, will Ian decide to head back to Mickey? The bottom line is things are going to get very interesting for Ian.

This season has had a very heavy focus on Ian’s sexuality and how he is dealing with an expanding knowledge of all the different types of sexual orientations out there. So of course once he finally seems to get comfortable with Trevor, Mickey will show up to make things even more complicated, in typical Shameless fashion. It will surely make for interesting television, as the possibilities are endless. But I would have to imagine, they would not have brought Mickey back unless it was to reunite him with Ian since that is what fans have screamed for ever since he left the show.