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Should Men Consider Getting Circumcised to Last Longer in Bed?


September 25, 2017

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Exploring the connection between circumcision status and premature ejaculation

There is a rumor going around that men who are circumcised are better lovers. Why? It is thought that men who have been “snipped” are better able to control their sexual longevity and their need to orgasm, since they are supposedly “desensitized” due to the removal of all or part of their penis’s foreskin.

Is there any truth to this tale? A group of researchers performed a meta-analysis of available research to find out whether circumcision status has an impact on whether or not someone is vulnerable to experiencing PE, and what they found may come as a surprise.

What the research shows: New research published in the First International Journal of Andrology took a look at existing studies and performed a meta-analysis, allowing them to review a large amount of data from prior studies to see if there was any correlation between premature ejaculation and circumcision.

In other words, a group of scientists wanted to know whether or not having your foreskin removed had any impact on your sex life—specifically, whether it had any effect on the phenomenon of premature ejaculation (which is most simply defined as coming before you or your partner want you to).

The researchers combined the data of 12 studies, including an astonishing number of reports: from 10,019 circumcised men and 11,570 uncircumcised men.

Several forms of sexual dysfunction were reviewed in the analysis, including erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, and premature ejaculation.

What do these numbers mean? Although being circumcised may play a role in certain sexual dysfunctions, PE isn’t one of them. In short, don’t go rushing to the doctor to go under the knife just because you have PE.

So what does cause premature ejaculation? So now that the common myth that circumcised men are less vulnerable to premature ejaculation (because of reduced sensitivity at the head of the penis), and that not being circumcised causes PE has been debunked, let’s review what is the real cause?

The true cause of PE has nothing to do with circumcision status. All types of men may experience PE.

Causes of premature ejaculation can vary, and may include genetic, physical, or psychological components. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your penis looks like, you could get PE. However, the ‘here and now’ cause of PE is a person’s inability to recognize the ‘point of no return.’

In other words, men with PE aren’t able to see ‘the line’ until they have already crossed it and are unable to go back.

Can premature ejaculation be treated? So, we established that going to the doctor’s office to get circumcised is not the best option (not that we think anyone actually considered it, anyway). What can you do if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from PE?

Well, the good news is that there are several treatment options available for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation, including medication and therapy.

And while this is definitely an issue that can cause men a great deal of pain and distress, it is actually one of the most treatable of all sexual dysfunctions! All PE treatments vary in terms of cost, risk, and long-term effectiveness. Let’s review the most common and effective ones:

Treating with over-the-counter or prescription remedies: Some men with PE prefer a quick fix, even if it’s a temporary one. If this is the case for you, you may opt to use topical anesthetic sprays or gels that cause the penis to feel numb, hoping that the numbness will extend the time until ejaculation.

Another treatment option is taking pills, usually antidepressant medications, that can have a delaying effect on ejaculation. One major issue with these treatments is that they are temporary. Once the anesthetic wears off or the pills stop being taken, the PE returns.

Also, pills can have unwanted side effects and sprays could transfer to your partner’s skin, causing numbness in unwanted places.

Treating with sex therapy and exercises: If Pills and gels don’t work for you as a long term solution, and you are looking for a solution that treats the root of the problem instead of its symptoms, what can you do? Well, one option is sex therapy or trying out PE-specific exercises at home.

Using ejaculation control exercises (such as the ‘squeeze technique’ or the ‘stop-and-start’ method) will teach you how to stop premature ejaculation from happening. These exercises can provide results that are longer-lasting than sprays, gels, and pills. These methods focus on allowing men to enjoy sex instead of distracting or depriving themselves of sensation in an attempt to stave off orgasm.

Instead, men with PE can learn to recognize their ‘point of no return’ and adjust their penetration and stimulation accordingly. This helps them to build stamina without sacrificing erotic enjoyment.

Where to find answers and get treatment for premature ejaculation: If you are having trouble staying “up to the task” as long as you and your partner want, don’t fret. You can easily learn more about how to treat it, and you have several options available.

Consider talking to your doctor about the issue, or finding a sex therapist in your area to consult with. You can also learn to improve your ejaculatory control by using the PE Program, a smart online program, developed with the help of Dr. Zvi Zuckerman, that includes an online premature ejaculation exercise program.

About the Author: Andrew Wilkes is a health writer for the Between Us Clinic. The Between Us Clinic provides sex therapy online programs for men and couples experiencing premature ejaculation.

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Andrew W.
Andrew is a health writer for the Between Us Clinic. The Between Us Clinic provides sex-therapy online programs for men and couples experiencing premature ejaculation.

7 thoughts on “Should Men Consider Getting Circumcised to Last Longer in Bed?

  1. Men circumcised as sexually experienced adults report better sex after being circumcised. This was the finding of two large high quality randomized controlled trials in Africa and Central America: 

    Sexual sensation resides in the head of the penis, not the foreskin:

    You should also read all of the studies cited in all of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Those were by researchers in the USA, Denmark, Australia and China, all published in peer-reviewed journals: 


    Brian J. Morris, DSc PhD, Professor Emeritus, School of Medical Sciences, University of Sydney

  2. After circumcision, the glans becomes permanently exposed, keratinized, rough, dried out and desensitized, causing circumcised men to last longer and take too long to climax, which increases vaginal erosion, vaginal infections, and dyspareunia. Divorce rates and cheating are also much higher in circumcised nations.

  3. I find it amazing that someone who has NO IDEA WHAT THE ACTUAL FUNCTION OF FORESKIN IS, telling people to sexually mutilate function off. The actual function of foreskin : NATURES VACUUM PRESSURE RELEASE MECHANISM, that is there to prevent your junk from getting stuck in places. Since people in the US are basically retarded with the subject of male biology, they don’t understand that foreskin is there to keep sex quiet, noise free and prevent the vacuum plunging of a woman’s vagina. Its there to prevent penis captivus that only happens to sexually mutilated males.

    >>>Boys that have been sexually mutilated by idiots to destroy them from feeling joy as a child, because masterbation of boys is not ok, they condem the poor kid to a life of buying synthetic lubricants in order to just use their own genitals, which have been transformed to no longer work like a penis but a 1800’s SPERM BUTTER CHURN!. Doctors who never has a a normal penis, knowing very little about male biology, tell idiots that more skin on skin friction/skin burns/ scar tissue is somehow beneficial to to prevent super rare diseases 99% of males don’t get in their entire 80 years of life.
    >>>Whats even more messed up is they always like to OMIT a key factoid! The testicles are an immunosuppressed zone of the body. Ie-Ebola, because the X sperm cells and Y sperm cells would be attacked by the immune system as foreign cells. This fact instantly destroys the bs reasons the APA pushed the mark of the slave , invented because to many slaves died when their penises and balls were completely severed. Since those veins run directly to the heart.

  4. Beware of psychotic doctors, mad scientists and crazy professors promoting unnecessary genital cutting rituals on infants and children, boys and girls as medicine. They have cognitive dissonance and paranoid delusions caused from sexual assault, shock and trauma to their underdeveloped brains and exterior reproductive organs as infants and children. All proponents of ritual infant circumcision cannot be trusted because of their superstitious, religious, unethical and financial biases. All studies together show men circumcised as adults are reporting better or worse sexual functioning, but proponents of RIC only cherry pick the studies that promote their biases.

    1. Any intelligent person would dismiss the ridiculous nonsense by Fred85730 as desperate and delusional. Every systematic review and meta-analysis comes to the same conclusion that male circumcision has no adverse effect on sexual function, sensation and pleasure. Those studies come from researchers in countries that have very low circumcision rates such as Denmark and Chine, as well as countries where circumcision is common, such as the US and Australia. The scientific evidence is strong, consistent and unequivocal in its conclusions. If anything, sex is better for men after circumcision. Do not believe the ilies of opponents whose “cause” has now been well and truly lost.

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